This week in Kickstarterland – 2016-06-05

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. I can’t believe it is June already. Water bottles, universal translators, MORE Pebble and a 13.3″ e-ink monitor. Quite a busy week.


Kick(s) of the Week

Gululu – I met the creator of Gululu earlier this year. It’s a Tamagotchi in a water bottle designed to encourage kids to drink more water. The product looks great but the price is a bit steep for me with four kids who lose their water bottles regularly. Thankfully my kids like water.


Regular Kicks

Pilot – I have struggled with every type of translation system while traveling and expect this to be as hopeless. However, it’s always fun watching people trying to build a Universal Translator.

Pebble Core – Another $10m project from Pebble. This time its two upgrades and a new faceless wearable. Nothing in there for me but it’s good to see them back.

Paperlike – The world’s first e-ink monitor and the world’s largest e-ink panel. Nice.

Silent Keys – For the truly paranoid. BYO secure keyboard with built-in operating system.

Energysquare – Certainly not a new idea but at the price, it looks pretty appealing.

101Hero – I don’t normally mention 3D printers but at this price I couldn’t resist.

GoBone – I pay less for my pets than this toy costs but there is always a market for high-end dog toys.

Gole1 – When China sells directly to the world, boy are things cheap. This is a seriously cheap mini PC running Android or Windows 10 (free because it includes a screen).

Platypod Pro Max – A third version of their low “tripod” which can support a full size camera with lens.

Remo – A repeat of the very successful Sensibo. These type of devices are made almost redundant by the aircon manufacturers working out how to do it themselves. Thankfully they do it very badly.

Photon – A children’s programable robot which develops skills over time in pace with the child’s capabilities.

WeatherFlow – A smart weather station integrated into all the right places.

SoundLazer VR – This is the 8th project for Richard. This one is a focused speaker sound system particularly useful for offices.

ATX Breakout Board – This power supply is the first project I have ever seen fully sold out. Well done Richard.

RoutaBoard – A clever prototyping board with a very flexible neighbour-based layout.

Solos – Google Glass for cyclists. This is a pretty good application of Glass/HUD and the testing on the Olympic team was a winner move.

Vessi – Another beer making machine, this time an all-in-one. It looks like it is supposed to sit next to your BBQ serving beer with meat.

Dato Duo – A simplified synthesizer and sequencer for you and old to make music together. Someone forgot to tell them that cheaper is better when it comes to “toys”.

Cinemood – A small portable projector designed for kids and families. The purchasable covers include unique content.

Wooting One – It’s amazing to see someone redesign the least changed part of the computer for modern uses … and in analog!

The Barisieur – The ultimate gift, a coffee/tea machine that makes you coffee in the morning. What my mum has been asking for for years!

Proximity – This should be called “Leash” and it applies just the same for kids. But it’s not that “exciting” or “innovative”.



Romoss – I don’t know what problem they are trying to solve. I have a need for a large charging station but not a large battery station. Does anyone?

Prota Box – A robotic finger for pressing buttons. Get a life, really.


Left Fielders

Livia – The best video for a TENS machine for period pain I have ever seen!

Eve Kit – A home sampling kit for female STI and HPV screening. I am not sure Kickstarter is the best channel to market although this way they do get to pitch to people without “lady parts.”

Fucking New York – This is a photobook about sex WITH the city instead of sex IN the city.

UpLamp – A lampless lamp. WTF.

Carin – A wearable bladder control meter. I am so pleased to be a man.


And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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