This week in Kickstarterland – 2016-03-14

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. I haven’t had much time to research in the last month due to the launch of our new business, Mystic Pants, a full-service IoT consultancy. Now that it’s are up and running … here we are.

Kick of the Week

Package Guard – When you don’t have a guard dog to protect your packages, this seems to be a pretty simple and effective solution for “porch pirates.”

Regular Kicks

popSLATE 2 – These guys are back with a new 2nd screen for your phone. I like the idea but it gets expensive to replace every time you get a new phone.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Retro gaming extraordinaire. The interview is great if you can stay awake.
Aibo – Yet another robotic assistant with no hands. At least this one has a projector built-in.
TuneBox2 – Stream audio to your speakers over Wifi instead of Bluetooth.
Vie Shair – I like open air headphones but these looks like flimsy 3D printed plastic.
Cubetto – Teach very young kids to code with this wooden robotics tool.
Toaster – Another simple project from Brad Slattery, this time a 3v3, 5v0 and 5v-16v USB power supply for breadboard.
Sweep – Finally, LIDAR is becoming affordable.
Youmo – This power solution is looking for a problem I can’t find.
Fishbit – Your fish’s home automation system is now ready for production.
2020 Beat Machine – Software for making beatbox music. All you need to bring is skill.
Nurugo Microscope – This looks more like a toy than a scientific tool.
Voxcube – Got to love their 8x8x8 LED cube with through-hole LEDs … out of Australia!
Liv GX1-A Watch – These guys raised $1.2m on Kickstarter AND Indiegogo.
Vara – German engineers trying to redefine desktop lighting.
Sense – Some ex-Mozilla engineers using their talents to secure your home. I really am not sure what to make of this project. – A real-life multiplayer first person shooter game.
Soundboks – Apparently bigger is still better. Good luck not being hated by your neighbours.


Left Fielders

Hello Mazel – You aren’t jewish enough if you don’t back this project.
Lioness Vibrator
– Vibrators connected to smartphones that empower their owner.
16 Magnetic Interactions – Some people know how to put their viewers to sleep really quickly.
Bios Incube – Help to turn your dead relatives into trees. Yep, you heard me.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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