This week in Kickstarterland – 2016-02-07

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. Leading the way this week is a gorgeous levitating Bonsai tree. Right up behind that wonder is a smart steering wheel cover, a fingerprint padlock and a few other clever items. But fear not, we have the best collection of crap at the bottom of the pile. Phew!

Kick of the week

Air Bonsai – One of the sexiest pot plants I have ever seen. Eat your heart out Avatar.

Regular Kicks

Radiomize – Using a steering wheel cover is a clever approach to car automation.
Tapp Lock – Batteries are always a risk with these ideas, but I think its worth it.
Tittle – I already have a 8x8x8 LED cube but this is for the rest of you.
JIC – A call/voice recorder for your iPhone. A pity it doesn’t automatically record every call.
Treata Smartcare Watch – Monitor an elderly family member by having them wear this smart watch.
Carehub – This is another way of monitoring your elderly family members. It monitors various environmental factors and adds video communication to the home.
proacmOm – A great looking product but really, pay a marketing consultant!
Junglejar – A rotating aquarium that apparently nobody wants.
LoPy – LoRa, Wifi and BLE in one dev board with the MicroPython framework. The video is painfully bad.
MicroPython for ESP8266 – Stripping the event-based operating system from the ESP8266 to allow for better MicroPython integration.
InsideCoach – I am not convinced this technology works. This is the second time they have brought this to KS.
ScopeAround – I can’t think of many uses for these beyond being a better Peeping Tom. I am sure you are more creative than me.


Chi-o Phi – How is it that some scam artists, no matter how bad the advertising, still manage to scam people out of their money? Bio-friendly frequencies? Blessed by Balinese priests! Protect the human genome?!?!? Holy batshit.
Drive – TV screen time is unblocked when you have reached your Fitbit goals. Yeh, that’s going to happen.
The Telecom Company – WTF is this?
Banana Toiler Lifter – When “larceny” and “crimes against person” aren’t enough, put your crap on Indiegogo.
iDIFR – Nah, he isn’t paranoid at all. And yes, it’s just RFID backwards.
Smart Shoot – Nobody wants a robot to improve their selfies. Nobody wants some kids’ school project either.

Left Fielders

Sola – Add a little extra happiness. Your new “massager” comes with a five year global warrantee.
Fiera – Where is your want?! A toy to help women want sex. Sounds like a brilliant idea.
Audiopill – I don’t think the warning at the bottom about sifting through your faeces is sufficient.
Petspeak – Finally someone has invented a dog translator … NOT.


And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.