This week in Kickstarterland – 2016-01-24

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. Not a massive week but we do have a maglev DeLorean time machine, a light globe with a built-in battery backup and way to use your smart phone as a wireless headset.

Kick of the week

Stego – The first project I have promoted simply because it has an awesome name.

Regular Kicks

Smartcharge 2.0 – While not their first version, building a UPS into a light bulb is a good move.
MagLev DeLorean – A floating DeLorean time machine? Yes please!
Blipcast – My Roku remote already does this but it’s great, so I can’t know Blipcast for doing it via your mobile.
Smartypans – There really isn’t enough value in this product to justify the price tag. Digital scales are cheap as are cooking apps.
OneCook – I don’t think robotic kitchens are quite ready yet, especially if it requires buying food pods from them. Maybe when Nestle sells one.
Luna – 360 degree cameras are getting smaller and more approachable.
DreamScreen – The third LED backlight enhancer for your HDMI TV. I look forward to seeing one of these in action.
f/0.75 lens – Wow, that’s fast. It’s not exactly the easiest to work with as it has no focus adjustment or aperture diaphragm.
SCIO – Learn to code for the IoT with this educational kit and videos.
tinylab – Why wire things to an Arduino when you can get an Arduino with everything already hardwired?
WifiThing – Yet another IoT platform.
Sync Footwear – LED shoes. Really, who could say no?
Simple WS2812B controller – Control Neopixels using buttons and pots.


Walley – What we can see of the product isn’t terrible but there is something creepy about the campaign.
Interstellar Spacecraft – Not as cooky as some projects but certainly a little bit loopy.
AromaCare – Because lighting a candle is too frigging complex.

Left Fielders

Umbra – Engage with your menstrual cycle instead of dreading it.


And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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