This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-12-20

Happy new year Kickstarterland readers. This will be the last post for 2015 and it has been a pleasure having you on board. Enjoy this edition and see you next year.

Kick of the week

Enlaps Tikee – I thought this was just another time lapse controller. Once I realised it was an all weather camera as well, I was sold. Slightly too expensive for the occasional time lapse but a brilliant idea.

Regular Kicks

ONAGOfly – A very capable nano drone with GPS and camera on board. The only feature that seems to be missing is better flight time. 12-15 minutes just isn’t enough.
Pine A64 – All these years later, he is still using his Apple history to promote his own products. I guess it works, I am talking about him here. It’s basically a 64bit version of the Pi.
Mstick – I love LED’s, I really do. Maybe it’s just the presentation but this LED stick doesn’t do it for me.
Xandem Home – Used RF Tomography to map the location of moving bodies in your home. A little bit too freaky.
Symbisa – Pity they were beaten to the finish line by a few other tracking devices.
Smartvent – Yet another smart vent zoning system for HVAC. I am waiting to hear the long term effect on the HVAC system before I use a system like this. But I am waiting patiently.
SoundBreak – This should be built into every audio system; cars, smart phones, etc.
Zkoo – I honestly cannot think of any reason to have a product like this.
GoLapse – IMHO, this is exactly why Kickstarter exists. A great project that lots of people will find useful. Remarkably similar to the Tin Can Cable Car kit project.
Tulip – Pass through audio recorders have been around for a decade or more. But hey, this is still a nice project.
Darts Connect – Online smart dart board with global battle games. This has potential.
ShiftWear – ePaper shoes. I like the concept but I don’t believe they can deliver it. My prediction, they will declare bankruptcy in 2017.
Qube – Yep, another smart globe. At $20 each this will sell well retail but I can’t see how they can make a profit on that.
Alpha 2 – Why do robots get so many backers?


Stcky – This seems to be a small computer whose main feature is suction cups on the bottom. If they were really ready to ship next month they would have photos instead of renders.
Mad Glass – Google Glass anyone? Watch the awesome video two thirds of the way down the page. A priceless video which has nothing to do with the product.
Self Sustaining Electric Generator – I think this guy misunderstands the purpose of Kickstarter. I think he was just looking for somewhere to post a video. Maybe YouTube would be better.
Gravitational Energy – We have our fair share of nut cases in Australia too.

Left Fielders

Hydraquik – I am not sure what to make of this one. I understand the motivation to pump water faster but wouldn’t it just be simpler to have a tankless “instant” water system?
NeoPing – This project has actually been funded! Clearly it was a joke.
Skulpt Chisel – None of their models look like they need this device. I wonder if the device will max out on my body?


And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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