This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-12-06

Sorry to all my readers for taking so long to get to this review. I took a holiday/vacation in Japan for a few weeks (awesome place) but I am back and trawling Kickstarterland again. I thought it would be a quiet week but there are some great projects.

Kick of the week

UGears – Stunning laser cut plywood moving mechanical models assembled with no glue.

Regular Kicks

RedBear Duo – Finally, a presentable dual-wireless (BLE and Wifi) board.
Creator Ci40 – Another IoT dev kit. Can anyone tell me what is the word he says at 0:32? Apparently these guys are the “only ones to put IoT in a box.”
– I have been waiting for a quality LED Xmas light set for years. They have done a great job and cashing in well.
TextNinja – Text and drive, you are a bloody idiot. Now you can buy a product that will help you with your addiction. Personally, I think a short jolt of 25,000V would be much more effective but harder to sell.
LightCan – Awesome … but. It’s a bit steep for a single-colour LED. All the demos show multiple cans, which look great as they allow for multiple colours. Plus, who provides a remote control instead of an app in 2015?
Premetheus – At $2,000 this is great product (assuming it works as promised) but it’s unlikely to succeed on Kickstarter.
Tail Lights – The horse riders are finally learning from the bike community. “Honey, there is a light shining out of that horse’s arse!”
CAT Clutch – Why do women get all the fun? An LED pixel display built into a handbag.
Kurv Guitar – For people who think playing an air guitar doesn’t make you look like a dick. I wonder if they realise how much it looks like a sex toy.
LifePrint – Printed photos with built-in augmented reality that upgrades your photos to videos in-app, in your pocket. I love it.
Fleye – Another pretty good looking single-prop drone. It appears to be pretty stable and autonomous.
Zafirro – A razor blade made of Sapphire glass. A $300 razor blade sounds like a silly idea but its no more expensive than a good electric razor. They have already met their lofty target with a month to spare.
SmartEgg – Not exactly the first app-driven universal remote control but definitely the first one shaped like an egg and its pretty cheap. That’s something. I am still waiting for my Neeo to arrive.
RedBear Duo – Finally, a presentable dual-wireless (BLE and Wifi) board.
Creator Ci40 – Another IoT dev kit. Can anyone tell me what is the word he says at 0:32?
Wio Link – Seeed Studio continues to promote their own kit projects, this time an ESP8266-based IoT kit.
AfterMaster – Improve the output of your audio sources for playback on crappy TV speakers. Personally, I think this is great but I find a decent digital amp and speakers isn’t too expensive. Oh, and Justin Timberlake.
Luma Dice – What a great combination, LEDs and Dice.
Micaton – Extra-strong magnetic screw holder for screwdrivers and drills. Ok, so some of use are hopeless with tools and take any help we can get!
scanPAD – I can’t decide if this is brilliant or pathetic. It’s a little sexier but much the same as QromaScan, Scandock, FOPYDO, ScanBooth and ScanBox.
Luma Power – The second instalment of their light meter, now with a proper Lightning connector.
Pulse – Alpine Labs is back with their third time lapse tool for DSLR cameras. They are getting pretty sophisticated.
Pico Home Brew – Another home brew kit with smart brew packs provided by real craft breweries. This one raised a whopping $1.4m this month.
Obe ProBowl – It might be simpler to just feed your dog less but why not throw some technology in … and stop feeding him at the table.
P-51 Watch – Stunning watches made from the carcasses of recycled Mustangs. I hope they don’t run out of 60’s Mustangs – they aren’t making any more.


mJoose – Boosting the signal by 100x also boosts the noise by 100x. It’s unlikely to improve anything (but battery life). Patent or not these ideas have been around for many years and they have never worked.
Holovect – Who is going to give them $350k without any demonstration? Not me.

Left Fielders

Meitangua – Having just returned from Japan I can trully appreciate the value of a smart toilet seat. But this one takes the cake – it’s voice and app operated.
The Right Cup
 – Trick the brain into drinking something other than water. I would rather a beer “flavoured” water than a soft drink “flavour”.
Carl Winston – Since the US started legalising cannabis there has been a huge change in the market from pipes to Ganja Girls but at least its entertaining.
Spycup – Because nobody would take a second look at you if you were carrying this around the coast of Taiji, Japan.
kGoal Boost – Connected Kegels for men. I expect women will buy these as gifts for their partners.


And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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