This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-11-01

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. It was a generally solid week but without any massive campaigns and or shockers. This week I have added a new section where I highlight my very favourite campaign of the week.

A really good series of articles was published about LightFreq, a campaign I mentioned last week as concerning because they were launching their second campaign before delivering on their first. This is usually a sign that they have run out of money. This one was special as it was run by a con-artist with a criminal history.

Kick of the week

Skreens – Finally, an external signal multiplexer for your TV. This has been way too long on the wish list. Even my home theatre receiver can’t do this yet.

Regular Kicks

eora 3D – Adds 3D scanning capability to your phone. At that price, it is awesome value.
Voyo – Another OBD-II car monitor with some funky new features that I wouldn’t have expected through this device.
The Things Network – A crowd sourced IoT network using LoRaWAN.
BeeLine and Haize – Two almost identical cyclist navigation systems that are a clever hybrid between a turn-by-turn system and a compass.
Gest – A nice innovation on the gesture input but I think they are very wrong about keyboards and mice.
Ripple – This solar charging wristband for Pebble is cool but a bit bulky. I would like to see the tech used on the solar panels on my roof.
Wink – The sequel to Ringo and another cute educational critter robot.
Ion Belt – A USB waist belt. The ultimate wearable tech. The owner of the business making this is more interesting than the technology.
Airbolt – Great campaign video and nice looking product but a totally pointless product. Suitcases are totally insecure with or without a lock.
Makerarm – A robot that can 3D print, solder, drill, cut, pick and place, etc.
DC One – A pocket DC power supply controllable via Bluetooth
Warpfive Generator – This is the second time they have pitched this idea of a heat-generator-to-USB-power and they aren’t doing much better the second time.
Luna – Seven different sizes of moon lanterns. Nice product, cheezy campaign. I can’t quite understand the success.
Shammane – Another smart watch that claims it is unique. Are they deluding themselves?
Remi – A bedside clock which acts as a sleep trainer for young kids. I wouldn’t mind one for my wife too.
IndieVice – I really want to like this. I knew someone would build it eventually but now that I can see it first hand, I just feel I would prefer using my DSLR.
MiniBrew – I would love to brew my own beer but I would have to drink way more beer than I do to spend $2000 up front plus unknown ingredient costs.
Torch – Great campaign but not exactly an original product. As always, it doesn’t protect your kids when they are out of the home. I don’t object to products like this but I really think you should be teaching your kids to deal with the real world as early as possible.
Axis Gear – Another motorised controller for your window shares. I still like the product but at $150 per window is just too expensive when you have a large house.
ePint – I am so sure I have seen this concept before. Somewhere.
Mii Tab – I can’t imagine what he was expecting Kickstarter to do with it but it really is a good idea and easy to implement.

Aeronbag – Airbag for your aircraft. Which is more shocking, that he thinks anyone would back him or that he is asking for $7m.

Left Fielders

Tantus Rumble – Apparently all other vibrators are a failure and this one is a revolution. The 10 minute campaign video is likely to be longer than most people use their product.
Tesla and Tezla – A pair of almost identical and useless products, with crappy campaign videos and exactly the same name.
Raymio – In Australia we have been taught that monitoring the UV is pointless – always protect yourself. But regardlessless, this could be a useful tool if it works. They are backed 3-to-1 by the Danish government … I smell an opportunity for fraud.
Rang – A really cheap wearable smart bracelet. Terrible campaign that is clearly targetting the Korean market yet is translated really badly into English.
Tribble – A lovely design but I have no idea why I would want one. I am getting really sick of campaigns claiming to be in the USA but they don’t understand English.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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