This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-09-06

Welcome back to another week in Kickstarterland. This week we have a new touch pad type device which shows real promise, a couple of sleep aids, smart bike devices and strangely similar magtip cables. A solid collection of shitstarters and left fields including the crowd favourite Zero Fucks.

Robin – An Android smartphone that moves your excess files in and out of the cloud automatically. Sounds like a Dropbox plugin rather than a new phone.
Morph – A new type of touch pad with pressure sensitivity that could dramatically change input.
Oura – Another sleep and activity monitor but this time packed into a ring.
Snooz – A portable white noise machine for people who need help sleeping. Great video. I sleep like the dead, so I don’t need the product but my wife might 🙂
SmartHalo – An LED ring for bikes to give visual GPS directions, a theft deterent plus a few other funky add-ons.
Haiku – Another smart bike that does most of the same things as SmartHalo but is removable.
Pearbuds – Another in-ear wireless earbud project. Kind of gross when the first person in the video shares his earbuds with his friend.
Mycroft – Another clone of Alexa but open source, cheaper and with a British accent.
DreamMe – A weird lens for projecting your smartphone onto the ceiling.
iPPS – A lower cost reversing sensor for cars. Someone punch this guy.
LimiFrog – A prototyping kit using the ARM Cortex M4. There are lots of existing products that do this already.
TESPA – The Hawk and Wings IoT prototype kit based on the ESP8266 and an ARM Cortex M0. Yes, another one.
Solar-Breeze – A solar powered, robotic vacuum cleaner for your pool.
GlowTie – I wouldn’t be seen dead in this but I do love LEDs.
Leveraxe – Who knew you could innovate on the axe.
Metawear C – These guys just keep coming back.
Magni-cable and Zaptip – It must really suck when you come out with an idea at the same time.
JetComfy and Kooshy – Which travel pillow do you prefer?


StayCool – An airconditioning suit, backpack and blower. What?
Augmented Sound – I have no idea what this dude is on, but I want some.
TVRunway – Because compulsive shoppers need to shop more efficiently.
vUrja – Take my money, please. I must have that butt ugly power supply.

Left fielders

Snack Stadium and MunchArena – These guys prove that American’s are nuts (about sport and food). What weird but wonderful products.
Zero Fucks – For when saying “I don’t care” just isn’t enough.
Knob Gobbler – I assume he doesn’t realise what he has done.
Sports Table – I wonder how many legless manequins they left behind.
Ball Soap – Finally, a product for cleaning ones danglies.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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