This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-09-19

Welcome back to another week in Kickstarterland. This week is a busy one, all about LEDs (lights, clocks, noodles, bikes) and exploration (in space, under water, on land and even music). But with all this brilliance, we also have to have pizza panties.

Spokenlights – LED POV system for your bike. Pity it doesn’t charge kinetically. Similar to the Monkey Light but programmable.
Brite Bits – Personally, I think this is how LEDs should always come.
Flicked – It’s really pretty but just a touch expensive for me.
Luminoodle – A slight twist on the LED strip.
ClockFOUR – When ClockTHREE isn’t enough, it’s time to roll out the next version with Neopixels.
Livall – Improving cycling safety with an LED helmet and look cool doing it. It’s actually a full system including a helmet, remote control, phone mount and cadence sensor.
SpaceVR – Sadly, I will never get to space. Maybe my kids might. This is probably the closest I will get.
Fusion guitar – Electric smart guitar with built-in amp, speakers, battery and iPhone dock!
7Bot – Desktop industrial robot. Really, who doesn’t want one of these?
Dobot – Pity I saw 7Bot first as this would have looked better without the comparison.
Trident – This second version of their underwater drone looks pretty amazing.
Hoverboard – I can’t say I was expecting yet another hoverboard. Note that this campaign closes on Oct 21st 2015. No guys, I didn’t miss it.
HiddenHUB – The third in their product line. I am not sure what to think of this. It looks like it might be better feature-wise than the competitors.
Klokers – We would all want weird watches, wouldn’t we?
Icebreaker – Ice making reinventedwith a twist. Pun intended.
Weekdate – Why use a computer/phone for your calendar, when you can invent a new one?
Batband and AfterShokz – Does anyone know what a “social lifescape” is? Why does John look like Geordi Laforge. I have backed two crap “bone conducting headset” projects. Not going to happen again until I know it works.
Angee – While this is a nice product its disengenuous to say that it provides security. It provides monitoring of your home but won’t prevent theft or violence. The best security is designing the outside of your home to be a deterent to anyone entering the home. Once they are in, its way too late.
Jogmod – This does make breadboards better … but I still hate breadboards with a vengence.
BRO Ball – Bluetooth speaker inside a useable football. Sadly, people aren’t as excited as they said they would be.
Ivee Voice – I backed their first project and it was shit. Hopefully they have learned their lessons. I won’t back them again. Amazon Echo works fine for me for now.
Neverlost – I quit playing golf because I lost too many balls. This was an obvious solution but I have waited 10 years to see it. However, it seems they were far from the first.
Comet – An Android phone with one redeaming feature, it floats on water. They clearly didn’t have a lot of money to spend on celebrity endorsements.
Left fielders

NoPhone Zero – Third time lucky. This zero-tech tool for zero brain people.
Quantum Flux – Evil genius or mad scientist?
Poop Sling – I can’t imagine exactly what is patentable about this. Maybe the toilet paper holder.
Pussy Protector – A home screening kit for infectious diseases.
Bad Parking Cards – Yep, it’s hard to not like these.
Pizza Panties – This guy is trying to live out his own fantasies by having women around the world wearing his thongs. What if this guy bought one?


WiFi-MCU – Or you could just use an Electric Imp.
IoT PLC – These guys live in Silicon Valley but haven’t moved forward since the 70s. I covered their last project too. You should see their website!
Fixl – Everyone should have a guy standing behind the guy in front of the camera. Especially when they are seeking $350k.
Heyo – Who uses a landline anymore? Interesting idea, about 10 years late.
PoDDI – This guy is a moron. He should have website just for himself.
EOS – Yep, another absurd hoverboard. This guy is off his tree.
Pooch Selfie – Selfies are bad enough but don’t screw up your dog as well!
Quicklock – I hate companies that claim they are a “world 1st” when they are about the 10th. This is an indoor BLE/NFC lock that is very expensive and has many flaws.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-09-06

Welcome back to another week in Kickstarterland. This week we have a new touch pad type device which shows real promise, a couple of sleep aids, smart bike devices and strangely similar magtip cables. A solid collection of shitstarters and left fields including the crowd favourite Zero Fucks.

Robin – An Android smartphone that moves your excess files in and out of the cloud automatically. Sounds like a Dropbox plugin rather than a new phone.
Morph – A new type of touch pad with pressure sensitivity that could dramatically change input.
Oura – Another sleep and activity monitor but this time packed into a ring.
Snooz – A portable white noise machine for people who need help sleeping. Great video. I sleep like the dead, so I don’t need the product but my wife might 🙂
SmartHalo – An LED ring for bikes to give visual GPS directions, a theft deterent plus a few other funky add-ons.
Haiku – Another smart bike that does most of the same things as SmartHalo but is removable.
Pearbuds – Another in-ear wireless earbud project. Kind of gross when the first person in the video shares his earbuds with his friend.
Mycroft – Another clone of Alexa but open source, cheaper and with a British accent.
DreamMe – A weird lens for projecting your smartphone onto the ceiling.
iPPS – A lower cost reversing sensor for cars. Someone punch this guy.
LimiFrog – A prototyping kit using the ARM Cortex M4. There are lots of existing products that do this already.
TESPA – The Hawk and Wings IoT prototype kit based on the ESP8266 and an ARM Cortex M0. Yes, another one.
Solar-Breeze – A solar powered, robotic vacuum cleaner for your pool.
GlowTie – I wouldn’t be seen dead in this but I do love LEDs.
Leveraxe – Who knew you could innovate on the axe.
Metawear C – These guys just keep coming back.
Magni-cable and Zaptip – It must really suck when you come out with an idea at the same time.
JetComfy and Kooshy – Which travel pillow do you prefer?


StayCool – An airconditioning suit, backpack and blower. What?
Augmented Sound – I have no idea what this dude is on, but I want some.
TVRunway – Because compulsive shoppers need to shop more efficiently.
vUrja – Take my money, please. I must have that butt ugly power supply.

Left fielders

Snack Stadium and MunchArena – These guys prove that American’s are nuts (about sport and food). What weird but wonderful products.
Zero Fucks – For when saying “I don’t care” just isn’t enough.
Knob Gobbler – I assume he doesn’t realise what he has done.
Sports Table – I wonder how many legless manequins they left behind.
Ball Soap – Finally, a product for cleaning ones danglies.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.