This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-08-23

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. Sorry about the break in transmission as I was travelling for a while. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of good activity in Kickstarterland although there are a few doozies.

Remix Mini – WTF? $1.5m? Really? It’s just an Arduino-based PC.
Opal Nugget Maker – $2.5m for chunky ice. First world problems, hey?
Nebia Shower – Another $2.5m project, this time for a vaporising shower. Kickstarter must be a happy place to be this week.
NodeIT – Yet another small modular IoT kit. It’s the first one I have seen using the super-cheap ESP8266 Wifi chip.
Piece – Keep a second SIM card active and connected via Bluetooth. Clever solution to an age old problem.
GlocalMe – Another SIM hosting device focused on global data roaming using a “cloud” SIM card.
BedJet v2 – An upgrade for the successfully delivered BedJet bed climate control system. It shows how much trust you garner when you deliver successfully on Kickstarter.
LightBlue Bean+ – Same Bluetooth device just more Bluetoothy.
Passfort and OMG Passwords – For the trully paranoid, here is an offline-capable password vault. I am fine to keep using LastPass. I think their master keys are too hackable.
SnotBot – I have no interest in the project but Jean Luc Piccard rocks.
Bullbox – A totally untested external graphics card for a Macbook.
Drumcook – An oven that rotates like a rotiserie. Oh the mess this would make.
Mindstream Aquarium Monitor – It’s a bit of a hack and a bit expensive but at least it exists (or will).
iBackPack – I wonder if this wired backpack will leave any room to carry anything?
VoltVoyage – Another piece of luggage with a charger built-in, this time with Qi wireless charger.
Exploride – I am really happy to see more HUD devices for cars but for dog’s sake put a seatbelt on your kid and have the voice-over make sense in English.
Ohm – Finally, someone trying to replace the lead-acid batteries in our car with super-caps. I think it would take getting used to but it looks promising.
Growbot – A small hydroponic garden controlled by a couple of bit of hardware.

Left fielders

Blush Vibe – The first Apple Watch controlled vibrator for women and couples. I am a big fan of the music synchronised vibrations.
Intimate – I didn’t know breast firming was thing but something tells me this crap isn’t going to make me feel complete as a woman.

Lovlit – Another remotely connected candle only this time much more depressing.
E-Taxi – Awesome intro claiming to be “better than Uber”. It has helped them raise $5.00.
OMO+ – Floating speaker and light show. I am sure it looks WAY better in person.
Serenity Airbike – Sure man, I will give you money. Why not?
SunPort – Solar power “on demand”. Transferring solar credits is NOT the same as using solar power. Christ, I hate this garbage.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.