This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-07-26

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. Leading the pack this week is two travel jackets, a airline tray table and a travel storage and editing tool for photos and videos. There is also a small pack of lighting projects and a cool new digital camera. So, that makes it “lights, camera, action!” Sorry, I know that was terrible.

Baubax Travel Jacket – Holy cow Batman, that’s $2.5m!
ScotteVest – As if one travel jacket isn’t enough? Poor guys probably didn’t know what hit them.
Airhook – Another great travel accessory for those who hate tray tables (like me!)
– Storage, editing and sharing of HD photos and videos while on the road. I had this for photos in 2001 and it was awesome. But this only has 128gb which just isn’t enough.
Hypnolight – The team behind the Hypnocube are back with a LED string. Everyone who works with me knows how much I want to build these.
Lumos – Bike helmet with LED lights including brake and indicator.
Ilumi – Yep, another smart lightbulb this time with Bluetooth SmartMesh. At least this has a great campaign video.
Silk Light – I would like to see evidence that there premise is true but at least their bulbs aren’t expensive.
Z Camera – A SLR-quality camera in the body of a Go Pro. Nice move.
Move – I really want a blind controller but I know these (and most cheap mechanical devices) will never last. Such a pity.
Frankfurter Brett – These twins are nerds but I like their kitchen workbench.
Trakkies – In Australia “Trakkies” means tracksuit (usually pants). Funny name but great campaign given they have a lot of competitors. I like their use of mesh tech but I am not sure where IPv6 comes into a BLE product.
Boxoi – Such a pity this Zeotrope has been completely ignored, it is beautiful.
GoFish – I am not fisherman but I can see how much fun this would be.
Sensory Percussion – This clever tool allows you to add detailed digital output to analog drums.
Knife Edge – This drill bit rocks.
Besties – Dolls for young girls with awesome potential.
Keezel –  Normally I wouldn’t talk about products that are really just carriers for other products (in this case a VPN service) but I really like the way they are retransmitting VPN over wifi over wifi.
Branto – Why are people trying to pack so much into one product? This looks like it might be an ok product but its such a scattered presentation.
Haz – Umbrellas, an old-world product desperate for innovation 🙂


Trackerpad – GPS and GSM tracker the size of a 10p coin? I think not baby puppy. How do you spell SCAM?
Wearsafe – I can’t believe people get sucked in to campaigns like this which suggest that a silent tag can make people safe. And a monthly fee on top! What a rip off. Oh, the Secret Service endorses it, that means it must be ok.
Tagonce – Sadly, the people who have your missing luggage will not install an app or scan a QR code. A simple non-destructible tag with typed data would be much more effective.
90K Lock – I almost skipped over this smart lock until I saw this priceless line on their “burglar-proof” security: “the lock contains patented ‘IoT’ coding technology”
Le Flusher – This has to been seen.

Left fielders

Reboot the Suit – Great that this is being done but why does it cost $500k to repair one space suit?
Oviari – Birth control for the modern woman.
GunDetect – Computer vision gadget for visually detecting a handgun. Weird.
Genii – These guys have tried so hard to innovate in a crowded market and nobody cares. But really, why would anyone want to turn on their TV from China? The dog is darn cute but that’s not enough.
MotorBunny – What would this blog be without another sex toy.
Teledildonics Litigation – And then they all get sued. Teledildonics patent trolls.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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