This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-06-28

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. This week we find a Spock documentary teetering on the precipice of funding, a lot of musical and audio projects, a hybrid quadcopter and a collection of shocking projects that should never see the light of day.

For the love of Spock – A documentary by Leonard Nimoy’s son about Spock. So close to their goal its painful to watch.
 – An expensive Bluetooth microphone with built-in storage.
Instamic – This one has no storage but is half the price and size and is water proof.
Myle Tap – A wearable version of Amazon Echo. Record your thoughts into text and voice recordings.
Sound module – Add audio record and playback to your project with this module plus a microSD card.
AximAir Wifi Speaker – Not sure how different this is from all the existing players in this market, except having a Pi in each speaker. But it is sexy enough.
Square2 – I really do like the product but it’s definitely not the first and they still haven’t delivered on their previous campaign.
Saygus V SQUARED – A high specced, hackable Android phone. The only features that makes a big difference are waterproofness and Wireless HD. I don’t understand how they are able to “transfer” $800k of presales to Indiegogo.
Luzi – I am still waiting for my last smart-lamp project to deliver. This one is a bit fantastical, has way too much Photoshopping – I suspect will disappoint many.
Simplypark – It’s a pretty simple idea. Put an iBeacon in your car and mark location when you move apart from your car. I suspect they haven’t thought everything through.
GinzVelo – A powered reclining bike isn’t new. Puting a fibreglass cover over the driver is something. But claiming it is drivable in the snow is just stupid.
Plug-n-IoT – A modular sensor hub with drag-n-drop web interface and (only) GSM output.
uCharger – Sort-of good idea to adapt any USB cable into an iPhone cable. Hard to tell as the campaign information is child-like.
Space Case 1 – Another modern suitcase loaded with useful tech. As always they are a bit heavy but that is unavoidable.
Voltus – USB-C battery and hub in one. Charging your laptop from a USB battery has always been a dream.
Yeair – A hybrid electric petrol quadcopter for larger payloads (5kg), faster speed (100kmh) and longer flying time (60 minutes).
Decko circuit face watch – Cute watch, cute video.
Fahrenheit 2451 – A clever retail use for a commercial/industrial process. I can’t think of much I would want to preserve for eternity.
Owow – A new breed of midi instruments without all the theoretical mumbo jumbo.
Coin – Metawear’s latest build with BLE, gyro, accelerometer and temp sensor. At $69 per device, nobody is going to put these into production.
Aumi – A modern interpretation of the night light. What isn’t BLE enabled nowadays? I suppose the next version will be voice controlled.
Vufine – I can’t see a real use for a small wearable screen except for viewing porn privately. Can you?
Lilo – Grow plants indoors all year. Reminds me of the old tomato growing stations.
Bartesian – Another go at the automated cocktail machine. This one uses Nespresso-style pods for the non-alcoholic ingredients.

Left Fielders

Software Craftsmanship Calendar – A 2016 calendar for software nerds.
Oscilloscope Clock – Some of the readers of this blog will remember analog scopes.
Keyboardio – It’s a nice keyboard but are there really 1000+ people that would pay $300+ for a nice keyboard? Apparently so.
Tatura Hotel – So very Australian. So hard to do it justice in a comment. Watch the video.


Airing – I am waiting for this scam to be pulled from Indiegogo but it hasn’t happened yet. Taking poor desperate suckers money and promising something in two years, which I suspect they will never deliver. that is what I call a scam.
ARC Reef controller
– This poor guy thinks the reason he didn’t get funded last time was the category he chose.
UltraPi – 17 clustered PIs in a briefcase. The guy didn’t even have the sense to turn his smartphone into landscape mode when recording his video.
Residential Accoustics – Why the hell are these guys on Kickstarter? Go buy space in a homemaker catalog.
PAO – They claim this is the funniest game controller but its really the funniest campaign video.
T.brush – Reinventing things that don’t need to be reinvented. I wouldn’t want to take on Braun but if I did I would want to offer more than a USB charging port.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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