This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-06-14

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. This week is a really solid week of crowd funded projects. We have some really clever new products, a bunch of new maker tools and a weird collection of “world first” smart bottles. Don’t forget to check out the left-fielders and our very special shitstarter Batteriser.

Here Active Listening – Adjust the real world sounds to suit your needs. Real-time noise cancelling, live EQ, sound effects, filters, etc.
Nikola Phone Case – Recapture the energy from your phone to charge its batteries. The science isn’t great on this one but they won TechCrunch Disrupt recently so it must be real.
Holus – A tabletop holographic projector. This is the stuff of science fiction. Could it deliver? I am not paying them $500 to find out.
Avakai – A gorgeous BLE connected wooden toy loaded with sensors.
June Oven – An connected oven that uses 192 GPU cores to identify your food. A bit over the top but the start of something great.
Vigek IoT Platform – Another small IoT gateway with a camara interface.
Switcheroo – A really simple BLE relay.
Pozyx – Super accurate indoor positioning. I can’t think of a good use but someone will.
Speech Recognition Kit – This guy is no marketing genius and his kit is pretty clumsy, but it would definitely be fun to play with.
Codex – Speech recognition commands for controlling your PC and home automation systems. Basically Amazon Echo. Another marketing genius in the making.
SnapPal – What if you could start a sentence with words other than “What if”?
Tric – Nice idea but too many restrictions, especally 1/30s shutter speed.
Autosteady – My crap detector is going off a bit but this looks like it could be a good solution. At the price however, I wouldn’t risk it.
Ola – Not the first fingerprint lock but still a nice one.
Hydra, HidrateMe, Trago, Yecup – Four new smart bottles, really?
Gloveone – A haptic feedback glove isn’t new but it will really comes down to content.
The Bottomless Bin – Soemtimes the simple things in life are the best. Proudly designed in Melbourne.
Mixfader – For the modern DJ who has everything.
iSwimBand – Monitors kids to alarm when they fall in the pool or spend too long underwater. A good idea but I am not sure it will do the job of saving lives when you least expect things to go wrong.

Left Fielders

Periodshare – Because if you share your period with your boss you might not get fired … but probably will.
Mr Henry – A custom car horn driven by a smartphone app? It sounds like a standard Bluetooth speaker to me.
Glowbowl – Make your butt glow while on the throne.
Veil – A 20th century hijab … still designed by men.
Whoop.dee.doo and Lovely – Indiegogo, the home of high tech vibrators for him, her and them.


Batteriser – Don’t let the real world get in the way of a good sales pitch.

And never forget, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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