This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-05-31

Welcome to another week in Kickstartland. Today we have penis tracking, muscle input, lots of lights, smelly alarms and a back button for your iPhone. There really were no stand-out projects this week. At least there were a few really crappy ones to laugh at.

CryptoSteel – This cold storage wallet is a low tech solution to a high tech problem. And a beautiful one at that.
Yotaphone 2 – Finally, a phone that uses its backside as an e-paper secondary display.
Ecoisme – Device power fingerprinting is pretty cool technology. There are a lot of people working on this but I haven’t seen a commercial product ready yet.
HidnSeek – The first GPS tracker I have seen using Sigfox as the backhaul network.
StoryHome – Just like ToyMail only longer audio and a slight twist on the marketing story.
Myoware – Use muscle signals as an input to your Arduino project.
DAD – Subscription fine art display frame. The concept of curated art distribution is not original but is perfectly ok. This project could have been done much cheaper as a Roku / Apple TV / etc application. The proof will be in the artwork they present and I suspect that will become a point of contention.
HeavyM – Map projections (via a projector) onto real and uneven surfaces for stunning effects and audio synchronisation. I love the french subtitles when I can barely understand the english audio.
Halo Back – A clever solution to an age old problem – iPhones don’t have a back button. I would probably have included a screen printed back icon.
WyLight – Sadly, they have priced themselves out of the market but I always like LED projects. I like their scripting concept.
Liteseeds – Stick-on LED lights for conductive ink, conductive thread or copper tape.
Jetcards – An automatic card dealer designed originally in 1890. Maybe if this was usable for poker it would get more interested. Maybe not. But I like it anyway.
Microduino mCookie – Another modular electronics kit, this time compatible with LEGO so you can build more interesting and interractive projects.
Optonaut – I like the product but I am not sure people have trouble with still photos or videos. There are plenty of other panoramic photo apps but a little 3D might be an interesting add-on. The joke in the FAQ wasn’t such a good idea: “Optonaut will be available for free. We’ll sell your data instead. Just kidding.”
Automous Desk / Taylor – I like the desk. It’s a good price for a solid product. But what the hell are they including Siri and a home automation hub into a desk? I am still not convinced they are going to deliver their other project Maya the Personal Robot.
ReVault Smartwatch – Wireless storage device in the form of a smart watch or pendant.
Light Phone – A credit card phone designed to be used as little as possible. Getting back to the old days before smart phones for some of the day.
GLO2 – The GravityLight is back with improvements and local (Kenya) assembly.

Left fielders

SensorWake – This is too weird to live in the main section above. It is an alarm clock which emits smells such as “American Breakfast”, “Candy Rush” and “Hot Croissant”.
Weather Beacon
– This is such a cute implementation of the NeoPixel weather stations we have all built for fun. I particularly love the piezo speaker.
NPT Lucid Dreamer – Use your penis to detect REM state and initiate lucid dreaming. Yep, that’s just the hardware I have been waiting for.
Algramo – A vending machine for buying in bulk and selling cheap to reduce the cost for poorer families. What is weird about this is they have raised $15,000 from their owners. Go IGG.


Friendly Fire Rockets – I am not sure which is more ludicrous; naming the product Friendly Fire or trying to sell military training toys on KS.
SelfiePICTEE – Clearly this guy doesn’t take himself or his product seriously but he also has a horrible sense of humour and timing.
Lifeboat – Battery charger and GPS tracker in one. How revolutionary. These guys have dibs on themselves … I don’t.
Pimpy – Yet another home (or “homie” as they call it) aggregator that doesn’t do anything at all. But it definitely has the worst possible name and a butt-ugly design.
Brush Effects – These idiots think that a feature length video and a 10,000 word essay will make up for the fact that they don’t even have a functional prototype or even a dentist advisor. Move on.
Musio – I fail to see how this is either a robot or AI.

And never forget, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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