This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-05-19

Welcome to another massive week in Kickstarterland. I am embarassed to say how many projects I backed this week and clearly I am not alone. $9 computers, water filters, levitating light bulbs, lots more modular electronics kits, deconstructed kettles and TWO space programs.

A quick farewell to the Ninja Blocks team. Go forth and built great new stuff.

GoFar – An Aussie OBDII device and platform which tells you real time performance characteristics and guides you into your car’s sweet spot.
CHIP – This $9+ computer has caught people’s attention. Surprising given its really just a Pi with better marketing.
Kokoon – An affordable sleep assistant plus noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones.
Phree – A 3D pen-shaped mobile input device using fricking laser beams.
Naked Filter – Winners of Tech Crunch Disrupt NY 2015 they are using nanofibres to filter water.
Atmoph – A digital window, this time in 4K with recorded and live streaming content from around the world. Great use of colour to manipulate the viewer.
Nuimo – A nicely designed smart home controller. Very similar to the late Ninja Blocks.
Weatherpoint – A weather station on a keychain. Four environmental sensors powered by your smartphone audio plug.
Makey Makey Go – It’s back, now plug and play.
iMbrief – Briefcase with GPS, Bluetooth, battery digital stoage and fingerprint scanner.
Flyte – A totally gorgeous levitating induction light bulb. Stupidly expensive unfortunately.
The Sound Torch – Synchronise audio with fire. Awesome but I hope they have good insurance. The first campaign I have seen with an 18 month delivery promise.
Halo – Another connected smoke alarm. This time with promises of extra safetiness.
Lumkani – Networked fire detector for high density slums, shacks and shantee towns.
Oak – Finally after four versions Digistump have built an Arduino compatible Electric Imp.
Modulo – A plug-and-play platform agnostic modular dev kit.
Cubit – Another plug and play platform this time with a drag and drop software interface. Now you don’t need hardware OR software skills.
LightUp Faraday – Welcome back LightUp, the original littleBits clone! Now with more software.
MakerBloks – Another littleBits clone. Why do they all claim to be the first? Why does it bother me so much?
SmartMatrix – We haven’t seen a LED display in quite a while. I always enjoy these projects.
Sprite – A rugged drone helicopter.
Lily – After many delays, Lily has finally launched but is still not shipping until next year. At least it is lovely. I really like the water-launch. Without collision avoidance it is going to have some issues.
Reach – Tiny RTK GPS module built on the Intel Edison.
Kien – A flexible wireless sound system that can be split into parts or used as a group. A very new way of thinking about sound.
Miito – A new way to boil water. Sort-of a deconstructed induction kettle.

Left Fielders

Space Coffee Cup – Buy yourself a cup designed for drinking coffee in microgravity environments. Yep, a space cup.
LightSail – Help send a cubesat up to space to test a solar sail. Will go up with SpaceX’s first flight. Brought to you by Bill Nye and the Planetary Society.
Thongarang – Showing the true face of Australians, this little beauty probably won’t return if thrown.
Fizzics – Redefining the perfect beer poor and giving the best head around.
Hub+ – For everyone that hates Apple for putting one USB-C port on their new laptop.
Crescendo – A flexible bendy vibrator for flexible bendy couples and women with personalised vibration patterns.


MedWand – A remote medical data collector for telemedicine patients. I am not convinced by “doctors” with bow ties who uses words like “catastrophic”. The cheese factor is off the chart with this one.
Way – Why would anybody buy this stupid product? Is it because someone is wearing a white coat?
Hook – A cheap-arse home controller kit / universal remote control for cheap arses with cheap arse RF controlled home automation systems.

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