This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-04-20

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. We have some great campaigns for you this week including a robot that protects your car, a few more Wifi-enabled micros and a hackable dildo. For fun we have a bunch of shockers including two camera ideas gone very wrong.

Jamstik – Learn to play guitar on this tiny training guitar. It’s the future man.
Domino.IO – A hardware platform based on Arduino and OpenWRT but inclusive of a turnkey service platform for low volume manufacturing.
Sideclick – I can’t get my family to use the universal remote instead of the Roku remote. This resolves the resulting issue. Love it.
Bumper Bot – This is an awesome product and should include a video camera for capturing those that STILL hit your car.
ODiN – Not a world first (here and here) but still a clever concept. I would never use it because it looks stupid and I would look stupid.
DaVi – A really well thought out remote blind winder.
Droplet – These clever people have generalised the Bluetooth button really well.
Piccolino – Mini Arduino with Wifi, OLED, SD card and SPI SRAM for $30. Nice.
NodeUSB – An ESP8266 based micro with USB as the main connection method to plugin modules. Only $9.
WiPy – How about that, another Wifi development board, this time running Python on a TI CC3200. Good thing this one was designed to be fun.
Planty – Another connected planter. I can’t justify $79 on one plant but I still like the category.
Endless Computers – Not the first to build a low cost computer which uses a TV as a display but nicely done.
mBot – Another Arduino based robotics education program.
Perf+ – A proto board where you cut the traces out to connect neighbouring pins instead of wiring. Single use but fun.
CodeBug – A cute multi-LED PCB for teaching kids to program.
4SeTV – Four HDTV free-to-air digital streams to one tablet or TV. Nothing revolutionary but some people will like it. This is their second attempt and a much better one.
KosherSwitch – Words can’t describe how I feel about this. So I won’t share any.
Nextion – UART controlled TFT colour screens for makers. Pretty cheap and look like a great solution to the integration troubles with these screens.
EasyFinder – A standard BLE finder beacon built into a AAA or AA battery. Clever adaptation.

Left Fielders

Master Beta – Hack your sex toys with this Arduino dildo shield
Mastur Plan – With God and a bit of software we can solve the evil problem of masterbation. This really belongs in the Shitstarter list.
Mouse Minder – A smarter and more humane mouse trap. Who remembers the Imp mouse trap??

RSSI Pro Track 5.8ghz Antenna Tracking System – Longest promotional video ever at 20+ minutes.
IoT relay – Not a terrible product but a shocking campaign. If you think it’s bad, you should see their web site:
Camlet Mount – Because your DSLR isn’t big and heavy enough yet, let’s go adding a mountain on top of it. Come on, really?
Turnikit – This is so wrong. The body is hardly the “worst” part of having a DSLR camera!
Shellfire VPN – I am not a fan of this campaign. Firstly its selling a hardware box that only connects to their platform, second they keep misusing the word “free” in their video and text.
Medwand – I literally fell asleep waiting for these old men to mention their product (90 seconds to get to it!)

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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