This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-04-06

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. This week is all about STEM, Wifi and 3G devices and the occasional flame thrower. I am moving to a new routine of fortnightly updates as it takes too long to compile this every week. I am also going to be a bit more selective because the lists are getting too long. So I will be sharing the best and worst and skipping the middle.

Onion Omega – Another Linux and Wifi in a small package. Basically a cross between the Electric Imp and a Raspberry Pi. Definitely not the first but probably the most fun video of the lot.
Konekt Dash – Another 3G Arduino device with a cloud service attached. This space is getting busy.
Arachnio – Another Arduino with Wifi. Why build another one?
Jambé – Weapon of mass percussion. I am really enjoying the use of modern technology to invent new instruments.
Tiko – A really cheap unibody 3D printer.
Bocco – A bit of a rip off of Toymail but that’s life.
Plen – Why is it that all cool robots come out of Japan? This guy is pretty cute.
Codie – Another STEM robot with LOGO like coding tasks.
MudWatt – A bizzare STEM project that generates micro-watts of power from electricity generating bacteria in mud.
HiSmart – A smartish bag that doubles as a Bluetooth controller. Pretty innovative mashup of fashion, function and technology.
Wakē – Wakey wakey, hands of snakey. I can see their logic, morning alarms suck, but $200 is a bit steep for an alarm.
Sliip – Yet another sleep/wake aid, this time built into a pillow that moves. They reckon they can stop snoring partners. I know a wife that would like that!
Appkettle – The IoTea (Internet of Tea) has finally arrived. This is nicely done but who cares? How could such a boring product have such a long description? The Wifi feature promised turns out to be a highly unlikely stretch goal.
Disco Dog – If I had a dog … I would be down for this one!
KoalaSafe – A well considered home network management system for families with young kids. Pity it won’t get funded.
Lumo – Interactive projector with games for kids. I am not sure it will change the world but I have played with these at a couple of museums and they are lots of fun.
Neptune Suite – It’s a novel idea to put the brains in the smart watch and the interfaces in the peripherals. I firmly believe that Neptune is about 5 years to early for this and is going to be a shocking mess.
SoundBrenner Pulse – A wearable metronome. Awesome idea although not completely original.

Left Fielders

B Sensory – A Bluetooth connected vibrator that synchronises with erotic fiction. Really, what else could you ask for?
Volvorii – There is a lot of tech in here to make the shoes change a small pattern. Weird.
XM42 Flamethrower – Nah, I can’t see anything going wrong here. Perfectly safe. Perfectly reasonable tool to have at home.


Flicc – What a stupid idea. Rather than discouraging people from walking while using their phone stick a forward facing camera on your case.
Omega Strip – Cable strips are hardly a unique or high tech product. I can’t imagine why anybody would back an 7-8 month project for something you can get at the hardware store.
Tritium – Awesome looking project but hardly a business. The Kickstarter community can’t have all that many skydivers in it. I think they have made a dangerous design choice having the indicator colours getting smaller as you fall. The whole thing should be red when you near the ground not just two-three LEDs.
Q-Light – These guys gave up their entire campaign after 5 days. As is usual for tech heads they think the product should sell itself and changing the product will fix all their sales problems.
Stesco – Use two iPhones on a selfie-stick to make a 3D video and look like double the dick.
Neobase – Has this just proven that people DON’T want their privacy back? Three years of work and nobody cares. This is why you release early!
kSafe – I remember my parents trying this kind of positive and negative rules … it never worked. I hope their many customers are more manipulatable than me. Their success proves that people are stupid.
Nyrius – Looks like they are just rebadging this. I bet Kickstarter shuts it down before the end.
Vaarz – These guys don’t really convince me that they will deliver. What’s really interesting is their $50,000 pledge tear pays back 5% of all sales. For now that means $50 return.
Calou – I genuinely like the product but why would they set their fixed funding target at 1.5m and why charge 400 for it? Their 11 minute video also breaks a record.
DasEgg – These Germans are nuts! $1500 to feed one plant?!?!?!
Friday Smart Lock – Because August, Lockitron and Sesame haven’t covered enough ground here.

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