This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-03-22

After taking a week off to go camping with the kids, I was hoping to come back to a glut of awesome new projects. Sadly, I was disappointed as most of this week’s projects are unoriginal. There are a few interesting projects such as connected footwear and magnetic liquids but nothing exceptional.

Night Runner – Headlights for your running shoes.
Orphie – LED lights in your shoes synced with music or movements. This is the 2015 I was looking forward to.
Ticket Overflow – An enterprising solution to enterprise support costs. Pool your funds, buy a support plan, submit everyones tickets in one month, post the results on StackOverflow.
DIY Home Automation – Become a Home Automation Hero by backing this project. Superb video even if the product isn’t going anywhere.
Stacker – Commercial grade 3D printer that can print up to four copies at once.
Soft Chomp – Finger toothbrush and book for brushing baby teeth without losing a finger. These are already in the shop.
Run Beacon – Add your treadmill data into your Fitbit history.
Audiocase – A large portable Bluetooth speaker for those who don’t with the 80s where a distant memory.
Ferrofluid – Magnetic liquid … so pretty 🙂
TurnsPro – Turns your camera on a timer. I would buy this if it handle DSLR better and included an intervelometer.
SpaceHarp – I wonder if you need to have long hair to use this product or if it makes your hair grow long. Why do people start projects with patents that are nearly 10 years old? Because Indiegogo is a haven for suckers.
Elf – Selfies from a 3D VR drone. I can’t fathom how sick I would feel with this on my head. Almost as funny as watching the 70’s dubbing in this video.
Rocketstar – They want to build a aerospike engine for future single-stage space launch. I don’t know why they can’t find their own money.
Xband – Very small Bluetooth LE + MCU + sensor
Pocketlab – Another BLE sensor kit but this one targeted at STEM education.
Growmotics – Something tells me this is for growing better weed.
Tegstove – A butane cooker which cooks your beans and charges your phone while camping.
Mask – I am not sure why you would want to wait until September when you can walk into a shop and buy one of these off the shelf.

Left fielders and Shitstarters – You can work out which is which

Road Warrior – Heater and Aircon for motorcycle riders. It looks so wrong but then I don’t ride a bike.
UviCube – For paranoid parents who think that washing bottles isn’t enough. It dries and blasts whatever you put in with UV rays.
Eyeprone – Improve your posture by lying on a masage table. Fricking genius!
Crankcase – This is a sad product for sad people. Plus there are plenty of these already on the market.
eDebut – Advertiser sponsored movies. How original. Totally unheard of. Why are people giving their money to these guys?
ConnectScale – BLE connected fishing scale for those who need four seconds back in their life. Solving the worlds difficult problems.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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