This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-03-08

Welcome to another week in Kickstarterland. This week we feature a couple of fascinating musical instruments, a block of metal and a hacking toolkit. The project names this week are horribly uninspiring. I probably won’t get a post out next week as I am taking the kids camping for the weekend. So I will see you again in two weeks. (Btw, Pebble Time has already broken the Kickstarter record at $17m with weeks to go.)

Instrument 1 – A new digital instrument that can be played like a guitar, violin, piano or a drum.
Keys – A modern keyboard with some capacitive sensors for gesture recognition. Great looking product but terribly generic name.
W3 Cube – A geometrically perfect cube of tungsten which is denser than uranium. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these little gems.
ChipWhisperer – Learn to break chip security the seriously high-tech way. This was the runner up of the Hackaday Prize.
Hackaball – A connected ball where kids can design their own group or individual games.
iSensor HD – An outdoor security camera. Pretty good for keep an eye on the pool.
Rocketbook – A weirdly wonderful dry erase notebook which scans really quickly and erases in the microwave.
Switchmate – Like Lockitron for light switches. Sits over your light switch and makes it smarter.
Monolith – Skateboard with motors inside the wheels. I think the only thing negative to say about this project is the battery life.
Podo – A camera that sticks to the wall for those with selfie issues.
Qii – A rollup keyboard. I am convinced that when projects have a fixed target of nearly $1m they don’t actually intend to deliver and are just testing the market.
The Egg – Storage device for your mobile or camera with a built in screen and wifi. It looks ok but nothing revolutionary.
Plantable Coffee Cup – Embedded with seeds to plant and grow new trees instead of discarding in the bin.
gMix – A batteryless 4-way stereo mixer. I am not sure the value of this but I am sure someone will love it.
Steampunk Nixie Clock – Because you can never have too many Nixie clocks.
Magnetic – Paper that sticks to anything dry without glue. Ironically, its not magnetic.
Trippy Clip – Holographic lens to make funky images in camera (phone).
Creek – Clock, intercom, charger. Basically, a cheap tablet without a paddle.
Norrom Aquarium – A pretty aquarium … but only for the UK. Great.
Tesla vs Edison – Someone actually made a card game out of these two inventors.
Piper – A minecraft game with a real-world breadboard as the controller
Blue Freedom – The pocket sized hydropower generator. I would like to see it actually work.
VIS – A flashlight and lantern that charges your phone AND your car battery.
Freiya – Bluetooth enabled watering can. WTF?
Playbulb – Bluetooth enabled LED solar garden light. At $26 a pop, its going to be expensive. It’s only redeaming value is that it is part of a family of LED products.
Plugzee – A simple Bluetooth to 3.5mm audio jack bridge. Basically a bluetooth headset without the speaker.
FlashQ Q20 – The sequel to last year’s FlashQ remote flash. I still like this range of products.
bloon – These guys want to take a 360 degree panoramic photo of the last total solar eclipse at the north pole for 500,000 years.

And remember, its only limited by your frigging imagination.

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