This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-02-15

Welcome to another week of Kickstarterland. This episode showcases the best and worst of ideas including two battery projects, connected skipping ropes, wooden sex machines, home urinals and an attempt to fly a drone over North Korea.

ExoDrive Case – Aussie made SD card case for smart phones. Seems a bit obvious yet nobody is making them.
OneNet Open Switch – I can’t really see the use of a software defined network but there are freaks and academics out there for every project.
Bettery – Subscription rechargeable batteries swapped at a local kiosk. Surely rechargeable batteries solve exactly the same problem?
Lightor – Battery with a build in USB port for charging. It’s an overkill but darn it, it’s clever.
Zip Rings – Dental floss rings that solve a problem I never knew we had.
Milk Nanny – After four kids, I can’t say that making formula bottles with the most difficult of the chores. Dealing with the breast-is-best psychos was much more challenging.
Sophia – A slightly modern twist on the old counting skip rope. Apparently a direct copy of Jumpiing but they are now all friends and its ok.
Light Show – A beautiful sculpture, puzzle and interactive LED light.
Gas Sense – Somewhat reminiscent of Quirky’s Refuel only using some sort of thermal imaging technology.
Creek – This looks rather like an Android tablet on a stand. But this clock is also another smart home controller. Why?
Chat Light – A light for your phone, tablet or laptop for better quality videos and selfies.
Shortcut-S – I have to admit I struggle to remember shortcuts so this product appeals to me.
Mu System – Pretty neat and tidy international USB charger.
Bluewire – Bluetooth headset that records conversations. It looks like a really useful product but the absurdity of sending conversations back to the phone by Bluetooth instead of the phone recording them is laughable. Also, they need to decide how the product is spelled.
Catsomat – Multicat refrigerated Wifi-enabled feeder. I still stand by letting them eat mice.
Pixsso – I never tire of seeing ePaper applications. This is a simple product but a worthy one.
VisionCube – HD wifi connected mini projector. Something tells me these guys are not going to deliver anything.
Broogs Smart Lamp – I am still waiting for my last lamp KS project to deliver. I am also not sure I could back a founder named “teddy bear”.


Kitsch – Even when translated this makes no sense. 100,000 euro in one weekend and they are just at concept stage.
Bug-a-salt – Torment flies with this weapon of messy destruction.
HandEnergy – Charge your phone by masturbating.
Wallflowers – Easily the worst video pitch all year. The product is so-so but the video takes it down to the gutter level.

Left fielders

Main Drain – A home urinal for men who would prefer to pee on a tree than in the loo. This is so very wrong. I can just picture the mess after a drunken visit to the loo.
Tesla Coils for North Korea – These morons want to raise funds to build a kerosine powered drone to fly into North Korean and back. – How can you ignore a project titled “Wooden Sex Toys and Fucking Machines”.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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