This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-02-03

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. A busy week for education, photography and useless remote controls and the usual collection of crappy home automation projects that nobody really needs.

Flicks – A LED projector and a Bluetooth speaker in a portable battery operated box. I am mixed on this one, but it isn’t something I would use.
CoolWallet – I like the design of a cold storage Bitcoin wallet in a card but there is no mention of any sort of backup of the contents. I would rather have my Bitcoin bolted to a concrete floor.
Paragon – Inductive cooktop with smart temperature control, specifically targeted at sous vide and deep frying. I really think this is a nice package.
Pixio – Auto-follow camera mount. Awesome idea. The home grown porn industry is going to love it!
AXSY T-Set – Motion control for your camera to allow for fine control during video, time-lapse or astrophotography. Comprises of Centric (the hub), Spin and Slide.
Blueberry wall – Another remote heart-string-tug device. This one with a weird chocolate twist. Apparently the market for long-distance relationships isn’t that big. This one’s for you Kevin.
Juggglow – The IoJ – Internet of Juggling.
Jack – “If you don’t know Jack … you should.” Apparently using Wifi for your guitar cable changes everything.
Dillinger eBike – “Everyone else is doing it wrong, we know best.”
Leo – Another headphone amp that makes your digital audio sound analog. Sadly, this is a thing.
StickyBugs – Build-your-own Arduino shields.
Cirkits – Young kids will get better at electronics and worse at spelling. A fair trade. This is a sewable kit for very young ones.
Pirate Electronics – Another project that thinks they are revolutionising education of electronics. They are not.
Black Swift – The Russians have come out in force to put together this small embedded Linux box with built-in Wifi.
Prynt – Definitely not the first (“Hello, Polaroid!”) but still a great tool for those who have a lot of cash to burn on paper (50c per tiny photo). But I am really impressed with their augmented reality feature.
Pi Neopixel Controller – Why should Rasberry Pi users miss out on the joy of NeoPixels.


Memsi – Backup your photos while on the road. Hardly original. I had my first one of these in 2001 and who wants to 7 months (plus delays) for such a non-event of a product.
SPIN remote – This has to be the stupidest remote control I have ever seen, bar none. They ran a simultaneous campaign on Kickstarter too, but this WAS funded. Stupid people.
Kaka – You really have to expect the worst when you name your product Shit.
Spaceman Lighting – Really cheap Bluetooth smart bulbs. So cheap, nobody is willing to take a risk. I have to admit I am waiting for smart bulbs to get cheaper.
VISR – Yet another Google Cardboard clone, only this one is really special.
Domus – How can you not poke fun at a home automation system that claims to make breakfast and heat your shower for you before you wake up. In the end its just a connected plugtop and an app. Plus “we have a working prototype that is ready for mass production but there is still a lot to be done.” What?
Clime – Environmental readings for idiots … by idiots and boy bands.
Smart Boxing Gloves – I have no idea how Kickstarter let this one though but I am even more amazed that 43 fools have successfully funded it and parted with their funds.

Left fielders

None for this week.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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