This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-01-25

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. A few great small scale projects shine this week like LED handbags, pocket surfboards and robotic straws. But then there are also lot of seen-it-all-before campaigns this week, especially home automation products. Plus … save Skymall!

Uncommon surfboard – A micro surfboard for body surfing like a champ.
Blynk – An app to provide a consistent user interface to all your microcontrollers.
Branto – Another home automation and security hub in a spherical shape. There is little new about this except the shape and the combination of a few features like 360 degree camera, but it looks pretty solid.
Oomi – Doing what everyone else is doing only claiming they are the only ones doing it. Sounds much like Branto and fifty previous projects. Prepare to be underwhelmed unless you are a fan of 3d renderings of imaginary homes.
Listnr – Boring name, silly product. “It’s a platform to better understand our environment.” No, it’s a platform to repeat some pretty revolutionary tech from the 1970’s.
LogIT – Log voltage, current and power for USB and PoE devices. Yes, I will promote any product made in Melbourne, even if it is boring.
Next Keyboard – A slightly improved iPhone soft keyboard. I am sure it’s better but not sure why it’s inspired so many people to share their wallet.
Uncommon surfboard – A micro surfboard for body surfing like a champ.
Vikaura Screen – The use of eInk is good but its hardly the first of its kind.
Displio – A mini eInk display with Wifi built-in with some nice design and interface touches and a visual editor.
Luxafor – Everyone should have this do-not-disturb light/sign on their desk. This is from the same team as the Displio above and delivering at the same time, which is concerning.
ATLAS 3D – A 3d printable 3d laser scanner. There is something poetic about it.
Blynk – An app to provide a consistent user interface to all your microcontrollers.
Exploding Kittens – I can’t get my head around why this is such a success but it is and I can’t ignore it.
AirBoard – Yet another Arduino clone this time small, low power and with remote programming via wireless shields. Absurd that they stuck with the ATmega328P processor.
Quirkbot – Part Arduino, part Strawbees, all robotics.
Fingerprint scanner – This just looks like good old-fashioned fun.
Dolfi – Wash your clothes and your jewellery at once. Surely if you can make a portable version you can make a full-size washer? Why isn’t Whirlpool making this?
Diabeto – This is an interesting and valuable project but why do they have to ruin a great video with an old guy saying his life is awesome because of this great product which hasn’t even been built yet. It is really good to finally see the Chilean accelerator programs delivering a success story.
LED handbag – You can’t knock them for trying.
McChi Luggage – A bag with a pop up table top. Apparently best for doctors who moonlight as cosmetologists. I like the built-in USB battery although I think 20,000 mAh is too much battery to take on a commercial plane.


Personal Robot – I refuse to believe that this is even close to a thing. The base is a Roomba, the oval shaped screen is a no-no, the voice is a recording and the applications are insanely unlikely with this decade’s tech. This would be a total scam but for having Dave McClure’s name on the bottom. Instead it can go in the watch list with Jibo.
Scarab – This is the first video that doesn’t show the product in any part of the video (just some stills). This device monitors 16 invisible threats like UV, carbon monoxide and ambient light.
Hiris – This slick video set my bullshit sensors off (I wonder if Hiris has one of those sensors). Maybe I just don’t see the value in a wrist mounted computer that does everything.
Selfie Stick Pro – This guy can join the maker of the original selfie stick in the bottom of a bottomless pit.
G-muze Ellipsis – I am a fan of the concept but I don’t trust these guys. They don’t give off the “we will get this built and on time” vibe.

Left fielders

Save Skymall – With a million dollars this guy will save Skymall, which apparently is bankrupt.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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