This week in Kickstarterland – 2015-01-18

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland, the home of Ebola-proof condoms, scrotum bags, shitting dogs and breathometers. Thankfully there are some cool project amongst the nutters.

Stethee – This campaign was so successful they decided they didn’t even need it. I think this is the first campaign I have seen cancel itself.
Cinch – For everyone who loves camping but hates setting up and packing up. Is there anyone who enjoys it? This is a big, affordable, popup tent.
Alchemist Matter – Learn what happens when materials and chemicals mix. The littleBits of chemicals.
FishBit – Home automation … for your fish tank.
Neeo – Universal remote with hand recognition. It’s pretty but toppling the Logitech Harmony and alike will be challenging. I hope they deliver.
Immersis – Not exactly the first to use this tech but still very cool. It allows you to project on irregular surfaces that are larger than what you could do with a single white wall.
NIWA – Another Nixie clock, designed in wood or black aluminium.
Manga Screen – 4.3″ multitouch LCD screen with HDMI input and USB power for a pretty low price.
SONICable – At what point can you no longer claim to have the most advanced cable around? How fast is twice as fast when everyone else is claiming to be twice as fast as well?
Z:ero – A headphone with a built-in DAC and amplifier. Like all headphone projects, I will believe it when I hear it.
Mesh – Yet another kit for developing small projects with noodles and nodes.
Ambivision – Yet another ambient display device that extends the TV picture by lighting up behind the TV.
Standap – Adapt an Apple Watch to a standard watch strap. Why wait for the Apple Watch to actually launch?


Mint – I can’t believe that there is a market for breathometers. Alcohol, sure, but most people with bad breath know it pretty quickly.
Virtual Window – $4m is not a reasonable request for a ranting rambling video about a head tracking virtual window. He thinks he deserves a Nobel prize for this product he appears to be seeing for the first time.
The Product – This project is so amazing, it is guaranteed to generate a billion pounds over ten years. It is also so amazing that it is being patented so he can’t tell you anything about it.
Brain Hack Firewall – How do you know if your brain hack firewall is working? Nobody hacks your brain, of course. I think mine is working well. Fucking fruitloops.
Ebola Condom – Protect your fingers, hands, pubic area and scrotum for all the nasties your partner has, including Ebola.

Left fielders

Happy Sacs – Keeping your “boys” happy in the ultimate scrotal comfort.
Keymouse – Put your keyboard on your mouse to save the effort of reaching over to your mouse.
Squatting Dog – For those who want to see a dog shitting relentlessly all day.
Fahz – Have your face 3D printed into the side of a vase.
The Mod – A multivibrating open-source dildo platform. Yep, it contains Dilduino and its pins are fully accessible. You can even buys sensor kits.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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