This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-12-06

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. This is a bumper episode and my very last from Silicon Valley. In a few hours I am flying back home to Australia. This week’s highlights (pun intended) are the huge array of light-related projects. But we can’t forget the regular vibrator project.

Roost – Upgrade your smoke detector by replacing the 9V battery with a Wifi Trojan Horse. I love this but they are in very early stages and every demo is a hack. They appear to be considering using BlinkUp?
OZoM – I have no idea what this is but it has an AWESOME video and supports the Imp (sort of).
Blossom – Copy of
Sprinkl – Yes, another one! This one with meshed remote sensors.
The Mister – Turn your aircon into a swamp heater. Use water mist to precool the air going into your cooler.
Brio – An ugly GPO which senses connected plugs at 24V. I feel like putting my finger in a GPO. Uninspiring.
Tailio – Monitor your cat’s health by weighing the cat and it’s poo. Personally, I think they are all evil.
Zano – Another cute swarming nano drone.
Lo Fi SES – 8-bit music controller and platform.
Phoenard – Prototyping board in a game controller form factor.
Bracket – This has been done many times before. Apple clear doesn’t want you to have a dock and this model doesn’t scale well.
Hush – I have used many noise cancelling systems and none are this good (this is not an active noise canceller). Why do I doubt three pimply Daniels can do better than Bose? Anyway, let’s wait and see.
Whisker – Yet another prototyping platform. This time with a bigger antenna. It concerns me how much useless detail and how little useful info there is … not even a mention of what the protocol or frequency is being used. A lot more detail comes out in the comments where he claims that it “has the smallest security footprint of any cloud based IoT system available today.”
Halitron – Greatest eyebrows ever!
Amphiro – Another water monitor but this one has a naked woman in it. Buy, buy, buy!
Twist – It’s really not this hard. Really.
Anura – Pocket drone with a price coming down to earth.
Rope-O’Matic – Make your own ropes. Why didn’t I think of that?
Nimble Sense – Add your hands as an input device into the VR world.
Focused Sun – Solar harvesting for the 3rd world. Because the sun is widely in use but inefficient and expensive.
T-Band – Clever idea to put the smarts into the band not the watch. Slick video. I bet it never ships. They reckon they have raised $1.4m in presales plus series A VC funding yet only $26k of backers on IGG.
Nevo – An analog style connected watch for people with great legs and arms in awkward angles.
ecozy – Smart thermostat for hydronic heaters.
Tagsu – Conference badge for fun. Who doesn’t want one!?
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega – For those old enough (or British enough) to remember.
Jolla – Sailfish open source tablet sold by a genuine pirate.
Brewie – Expensive home brew beer but pretty slick offering. It would take me a while to cover the capital expense with savings in the operational expenses. I need to drink more beer.
Carbon Flyer – Makes the PowerUp 3 look old fashioned!
Mars – Levitating bluetooth speaker.

Look on the brighter side of life

BeOn – LED light globe that pretends you are in the house and other clever security features. I am not convinced they will deter robbers but I like them non-the-less.
L3D Cube – Finally a 8x8x8 NeoPixel cube with music detector and accelerometer. And it’s Wifi and stackable! There is a 16x16x16 but its $2000 😦
Light Dance – Hook your music into your LED strips.
AllPixel – USB controller for driving LED strips
Panlight – Remote control the direction of your remote flash or small camera.
Shade – Smart light switch which dims your lights when ambient light goes up.
Sunn Light – A light that mimics some of the sun’s behaviours.
LUNA – Sniff your ethernet packets with ease.
Hoku – “Hoku is the first table lamp that simply works”. Right. Those darn table lamps are real trouble makers.


WiFiBoostGo – “We’ve Research and Developed the concept …” Awesome sentence! “How Does WiFiBoostGo work? WiFiBoostGo locks onto the available wireless signals.” Awesome explanation!
HardWire – Because huge ugly stuck on power outlets are so much better than extension cords. These guys are the first project I have seen seeking investors by publishing their “prospectus” ( which is apparently confidentially.
Cubic – In what world does anyone believe that this shit will be built? Siri sucks and Apple has a slightly bigger budget than these guys.
Rimbit – Another crypto currency. Not worth mentioning except for the cute video. No idea why this was funded.

Left fielders

Slaphappy – Flexible vibrator because rigid vibrators are for rigid people. “It’s the fucking swiss army knife of vibrators.”


As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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