This week in Kickstarterland 2014-11-11

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. After last week I didn’t expect much excitement this week and I wasn’t disappointed. Who knew that things could get so bad that a popcorn bowl could be the highlight?

Popcorn Ball – Hmmm… popcorn.
Skoog – You can never have too many ways to input.
Headless Ghost – Make your computer think you have a hires HDMI display.
Ghost Drone – Another very expensive quadcopter with some smarts and no controller.
Wolfpack – Backpack and frontpack in one. Clever design if a bit dorky.
Fireside – Like Pandora for your pictures only stupidly expensive.
uHoo – Connected air quality monitor.
Open Sesame – There is nothing inherently wrong about a bluetooth garage opener, but these guys make it look just icky.


IglooStay – Way to promote a cleaning service through crowdfunding. Indiegogo, you are so awesome.
VITAphone – This guy thinks if he puts more details people might believe its not just his home hacking project. He also clearly misunderstands what a stretch goal is. No, you cannot take my money.
BitBite – Sorry Etai, I am not shoving another Bluetooth earpiece into my ear to count my chews. I can already see it going down and I don’t need your help. But at least you have a big team of skinny people working for you, making great Kickstarter videos.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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