This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-11-05

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. It has been a bumper week with a bunch of coffee projects and plenty of Shitstarters to poke your stick at.

Brick-R-Knowledge – This is what you get when you ask German engineers to copy littleBits. Holy crap.
Wigl – It’s a novel idea but should be a Maker Shed kit for $25.
Puck – An IR blaster with BLE for $25? Pretty sure he can’t be making money.
SmartMat – Now yoga snobs can be yoga nerds.
Mooltipass – A hardware password store with smartcards AND pins. I think this may be going just a bit too far. None the less, for the paranoid, it looks pretty impressive. But as a bonus, it’s also an Arduino shield?!?!?
Aviador – A genuinely pretty design with over the top features. But I particularly like the thief tracker … so long as you stay within range of the nasty thiefs.
Eva – Someone has finally built a connected shower!
Cocoon – Yet another video security system with a video that looks/sounds like an Apple ad so it MUST be good.
Shuttereaze – Last week it was blinds, this week its motors for shutters. At $40 per shutter you better not want to connect your whole house.
Walkabout – Everyone should have one of these. The challenge is working out which diseases/bacteria are NOT collected in the filters. Do you win a prize if you do?
Sonic Decanter – I am not convinced of the validity of the science but I would certainly like to taste test it. This version failed to raise anything but Sonic Decanter has much better PR. Proof at last! “The backlit display is part of our design teams innovation.” I think this is code for “We bought this from a street vendor in Shenzen.”

International coffee week

Espruino Pico – A really little Javascript microcomputer.
Arist – Bluetooth coffee maker with recipies and NFC enabled glassware. Great photos, no video – unusual.
Bruvelo – These guys had the good sense to go with Wifi instead of Bluetooth but oddly chose Ayla.

A little out of left field

Hardcore – The first first person POV feature film. Pretty crazy stuff.
Lily Cup – I didn’t even know menstrual cups where a thing. But I could resist quoting “You literally forget you are on your period.”


Emospark – Even the demo videos are terrible. Who would back this shit?
Blackhawk – I can’t think of enough ways to say “no”!
Ivi – WTF?
Vyoo – Why do people think they can say “The Worlds First” and people will believe it? This is just a Chinese knock off, some annoying music and terrible Photoshopping.
Comb720 – Who does this guy remind you of?

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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