This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-10-31

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. Sorry for those who love the Shitstarters but this week is nothing but great project.

Pixelplane – Finally, an awesome multitile pixel animation controller. This should be a must for all office walls.
ManBuffer – Bestest video ever. An armrest to keep your beer cold and your neighbours far away.
Core – Sound so amazing you won’t even need music. A little over the top gesticulation but a good looking product on paper.
Kuna – I really want to hate this wifi camera for stating they are the first for anything, but I can’t … it’s a clever tool.
Project Brabham – Not my thing but someone will get it. An “open source” racing team.
NanoPlug – This probably isn’t the best audience for selling an old person product. THey claim to be the smallest hearing aid ever including a nano battery that lasts a week and requires tweezers to insert/remove.
Ecoh – It’s from Australia so it must be good … even if the whole project is outsourced to India.
Amiko – If there are hot women selling it, I am in! If Ivee can’t do it these guys sure can’t. Note their timeline mentions Kickstarter not Indiegogo!
Lock Sphere – A painfully slow video that never actually gets to the point makes this a hard to understand product. Backers will not come flocking.
Tank Utility – Quirky Refuel for big tanks. It’s not clear how you configure the Wifi but it really should contain the Electric Imp.
IMUduino – Really little Arduino + Bluetooth + 10-degree motion and position sensor. This statement is concerning: “We get 10 to 15 feet (3m to 15m) of reception off of this 3V board.”
Cablestop – Some rather heavy Australian paper/cable weights made in Europe.
Lunicycle – I can just see university grounds littered with these guys in a year or two.
Keecker – $2,000-5,000 for a hybrid home theatre / telepresence system. It’s cute but the price is insane.
Flares – Bright, magnetic, rechargable, waterproof, 360 degree visible bike lights.
Intrepid – Old style large format (4×5) super affordable camera.
Tray Bien – When you are a drunk waiter, your glasses will be harder to spill.
Gem Genie – Awesome solution for a classic first world problem.
Easy Touch – Just like Makey Makey only … the same.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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