This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-10-24

Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarterland. I am really pleased with this week’s collection. Some great projects and some embarrassing Shitstarters – the perfect combination.

Bluesmart – Seriously clever carry-on luggage.
Bionic Bird – Awesome motorised bird and I really like the videos.
Poligon – Gorgeous make-at-home sculptures
Busking table – I know some of you are closet magicians.
ZestDesk – Portable standing desk done right. But so darn expensive.
Refold – Even a cardboard standing desk is expensive!
Trivae – Foldable multipurpose trivet
WeU – Wearable LED panels.
Writeboard – Wifi connected whiteboard. A good start but not quite there yet. Embedded advertising is not a good selling point.
Arkabox – Another game console Pi with built in joystick controller. Really cute but I am not sure $200 is the right price.
Eva NSFW – A louse-shaped handsfree vibrator for women who are disappointed with sex. With quotes like “I think I would wear it all the time.” and “Making the world a happier place, one vagina at a time,” how could I not present it here.
Hybrid Play – A cute, if probably ineffective, concept of combining smartphone games with real world objects.
Dragonfly Futurefon – I can’t imagine who would want one of these dual screen Android beasts … but lots of people do.

And of course this week’s Shitstarters startingn with a fantasy of Russian engineering.

Bleen – Awesome fantasy video, no product, never will be. My favourite is the bio of the CEO. “Bogdan is a CEO at Bleen Inc. He is on the first-name basis with project management and while coordinating efforts directs them to the only right way.”
Raglite – I would have thought a lighting company would know how to light a video.
Odoo Themes – WTF is this doing on Indiegogo? And why is it doing so well?
Drivebot – Fitbit for your car. A lesson in how to do things worse than all your competitors.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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