This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-10-18

Welcome back to another instalment of This Week in Kickstarterland. I was tied up with conferences this week so the newsletter is a bit late. The market is heavily saturated with home automation hubs, security systems and phone chargers. And graphine seems to be a thing now.

ChatPetz – Talking connected interactive toys.
bottleLoft – Hang your beers inside your fridge. Awesome.
foaster – Charge your smart phones in your kitchen. Maybe for 3 year olds?
Wiper Wave – Surely they have a middle finger version too.
Ding Dong – So cheap I reckon it won’t arrive. But good on em for trying and giving it such a ludicrous name.
Division Furtive – Not that interesting until I noticed it uses light to program it.
uPas – Not a stupid idea but how did they raise so much with such a terrible campaign?
SAM – littleBits with Bluetooth instead of magnetic clips. Too expensive.
BLEasy – It’s Bluetooth and Makery, beyond that I don’t care.
Rico – Reuse your old smartphone. Awesome timing just after iPhone 6 launch.
TinyScreen – But can we imp it?
Notion – Another hub and spoke home sensor system. Uses 3G for backup when your Wifi goes out. Nice.
Pi-Top – Like Kano but you build a laptop instead of a desktop.
Card-Fi – The poor sad people who believe this will replace business cards are in for an expensive shock.
Future Home – Yet another home automation system. At least this one uses Enocean. They build a Chaos Mode easter egg into their app. That’s cool.
CamPoint – Security service without security. It doesn’t make sense to me.
Kibbi – Ditto. But using your security system as a wireless speaker is a bit much.
Link-U – A web cam with good redundancy options and an over the top campaign video.

Pronto – Charge your battery fast and then run out the door. Whatever.
Juse – Solar nano case. I can see the supply of graphene batteries and solar cells being an issue. Plus who wants to leave their phone out in the sun to heat up.
Zap&Go – A graphine supercap charger. Seems to be all the rage. I wonder what the TSA will think of this?

What would this newsletter be without some Shitstarters?

ClearFind – It’s military grade so it must be real. This project has more than a year of development scheduled to go. I suggest more like 10 years.
Cardtroller – Cute product but I don’t know what to say about this campaign video.
Barvender – This looks more like “Give us money to buy more beer”.
Securistairs – Because airbags for your stairs are a solution to what problem?
Tempest – The sexiest and smartest smart band that will never make it to market.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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