This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-10-08

Welcome back to another instalment of This Week in Kickstarterland. It was a very quiet week. A couple of good projects and no (yes, you heard me, no) Shitstarters!

Plexidrone – I am still not ready to spend that kind of money on a quadcopter … but I like this one.
Ricewise – This rice cooker really needs an Imp inside.
IoTuino – Wifi shield for your Duino. I couldn’t bear to watch the video so I am only guessing it is interesting.
e5 Relay – Transports the on-off status of one power outlet to another. My first impression was that it was a silly idea but it is growing on me.
iCup – Sorry, I just couldn’t resist when it reached its goal of $10k of funding.
The Handie (NSFW) – “The worlds first all-in-one finishing tool for men!” What more can I add?

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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