This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-10-01

Welcome back to another instalment of This Week in Kickstarterland. I have a great collection of shitty projects and a few less than embarrassing ones. Let’s go from good to bad and see who can make it to the end!

BelayCords – Sometimes good design is enough.
Vssl – Outdoor and zombie survival. For the rest of us, it makes a great pipe bomb.
Mogics – Simple LED lights with battery. I like that they are waterproof and can sink or float.
Aquasprouts – Desktop aquaponics kit for those with very big desktops.
Pillow Mini – I need one of these at the office. The guy in the video is me.
Hexx – I always love food products. Will this deliver better food than my BBQ?
ArduIMU – Nice but it seems like a solution looking for a problem.
Verve2 – Another sensor pod but presented as a product rather than a PCB.
Haven – Make your door hold up to a battering ram, so long as it is raised up above the floor.
Pavlok – No more cupcakes! If it works for dogs, maybe it will work for humans. The before and after videos are priceless.
Olive – Would a bracelet that tells you that you are stressed … stress you out?
Radmo – Best video all week. Turn your car CD player into a phone holder.
Axiom – Open source cinema camera. Cheesy but cute video. First time I have seen a video recommend NOT to back it.
Fuelbox – It took them three years to design a power switch with a battery charger. Wow. Well funded bros.
Eros Gym (NSFW) – Hide your bondage dungeon in a gymnasium. Of course, why didn’t I think of that!?

Shitstarter of the week. These are the project I would never back, either because they are shit products or hopeless campaigns. They are proof that to have good you must have a balance of evil.

Smart Medical Dispenser – If you are going to raise $800k you are going to need a better video.
Oneirics – Where do I start? The list is too long.
Air Umbrella – Cool idea, but wouldn’t it be much easier to take an umbrella that costs and weighs 90% less?
Showcome Magic – For a SF based company, they don’t like English much. Look for the photo of a jumping kid. It’s priceless.
Newbeem Smart Outlet – The ugliest Wifi controlled plugtop I have seen. Something about this product stinks. It looks like a very old product (the video uses an iPhone 4, the retail packaging in Update #6 is worn out)
Sound Prizm – Hardly the first of its kind. These cost a few cents. Poor guys are going to lose their pants.
Maximus – Why have so many people backed this project? I can’t work out what it is. It looks like an app for tracking goals. Really?
One Stik – Cute combo of USB charger and memory stick. But “To be honest … Whatever funds we raise here will go towards paying off some of those credit lines earlier …” You may not get a product but we will pay off our debt.
Taker – Taker takes a great product and ruins the chance of me giving them any money.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

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