This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-10

It’s been a very short week but that didn’t stop Kickstarterland from producing lots of new and interesting projects. A few interesting kids projects stand out and lots of fun shitstarters to laugh at.

xWifi – Tiny open wifi model board at $10 each. Details are a bit limited.
Bttn – This finally made it to presales and nobody cares. What a pity. It’s a great idea with a stupid price tag.
Anymote – Another Bluetooth IR bridge. Logitech has been doing this for years. Personally I prefer physical buttons.
Trobo – Pretty reasonable price for a robot that teaches your kids so you can sit back and drink beer.
Mozbii – Really well thought out stylus for kids with colour picker.
Canviz – Another high definition picture frame. They are all great looking products but just too expensive.
Zambilight – Another backlight for your TV. I think the concept is sound enough but the companies pitching are sketchy looking.
Patchnride – Fixing a flat tyre has never been this easy.
Sentinel – Solar powered security. Great idea but not sure how many people would give them $1400+ dollars.
Com 1 – Android Wear smart watch. A third of the price of a Apple Watch and just as many renders.

And this week’s shitstarters ….

ORA Smart Glassed – Taking on Google is challenging. Promising the impossible is dangerous. That video is a fantasy.
Wenge – A wooden bottle opener, but you wouldn’t know it. I am embarrassed.
LEGO Chess set – The product is good, the video is shocking.
The Orb – “Your use of The Orb is limited only by your imagination”. Yep, that’s what it says. – A newsletter about kickstarter campaigns? Subscribing to a paid newsletter via a kickstarter campaign? A 1994 web design? Really?
InfraV – A health monitor watch … that has got dodgy written all over it. No video, 3D renderings, happy people on bikes, unproven technology, legal disclaimer at the bottom, using the funds to create more marketing material … do I smell a Ponzy scheme?

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

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