This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-05

Welcome to the wonderful world of kickstarters. This week’s newsletter was delayed by an awesome trip to Vancouver. I was hoping that the extra time would allow for some good projects to sneak in. I was disappointed.

Zen Thermostat – Another Nest clone only cheaper.
Nomiku Sous Vide v2 – Another internet connected Sous Vide. This one adapts any pot and doesn’t cool.
AmbiLED HD – Turn Neopixels into a cool dynamic background for your TV. Four minutes of this is enough.
Verve 2 – A connected version of littleBits.
Hema-Imager – Thermal imaging add-on for your phone.
Proto9 Yoyo – Because Yoyo’s are back in fashion again.
SteakStones – Cook your meat on a bit of lava from Mt Vesuvius. I like the product but the presenter drives me nuts.
SpreadThat – A hot knife. What a simple solution to the butter problem. Not putting it in the fridge is an easier one.
Pocketcopter – For the high tech voyeur.

How do you follow the great success of the Coolest Cooler? … badly.

Cool n Sound – Take two of the features from the Coolest Cooler and make an ugly product out of them.
Cricket Cooler – Because cricket stumps are so hard to carry.

It seems that hiring american “actors” to present your campaign is all the rage. That doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy your products.

Chemion – Clearly a very popular campaign.
Ultra Wine Ager – I am not sure who would buy into the idea that ultrasonic waves will turn your shit wine into good wine in minutes.

And the category of “Vehicles you will never see me in” …

Johanson 3 – It’s just ugly and impractical.
Sterna – Trust me, I am a Serbian plane inspector. Because no Serbian planes have ever crashed.

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

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