This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-23

Welcome back to another instalment of This Week in Kickstarterland. Not a bad week all around. Nothing ground breaking and very little controversy but a solid list of sort-of-ok projects.

Joey – Why are there so many projects named after Australian animals? A nice 360 degree conference cam.
Useless Can – Because why the hell not!
POV Disk – I can’t help myself with any POV device, they are so much fun.
Playbulb Candle – Proof that with a few LEDs and Bluetooth you can sell anything.
Make!Sense – Another sensor board, this time targetted at education.
Cubee – Not exactly what I expected but certainly cheaper than having five LED displays.
LPLC Too – The sequel to LPLC. It’s just a PIC on a small circuit. Not sure why you would bother?
Tattoo – Wireless headphones with a smart watch and a shocking video. Weird combo but I guess it makes some sense. I think I will wait for the Apple Watch.
Chargeall – 12000mAh or 18000mAh battery with up to 85W at 120V output. This probably can’t go on a plane.
SmartKidsID – I thought this was an ePaper display but its just a QR Code with Velcro. Still, I like it. A bit expensive for a no tech device.
Seek N Sneak – Very cute Arduino robot that can pick up oranges from all around your house. Pity it has to cost so much.
Future Home – Yet another smart hub trying to do everything in the home but with the added pizzazz of energy harvesting (EnOcean).
FlashQ – I like flash triggers and this is cute but the real ones are really cheap and more powerful. Size isn’t that important.

This isn’t a high tech campaign but its an important cause. Period.

Sustainable weed sanitary pads – Empowering Women. Period. It’s time for a change. Period. If you are poor and female, you might not finish your education. Period.

And there are only a few Shitstarters this week and they aren’t all that bad either.

Epic Smartwatch – It looks like yet another rebadging of a Chinese OEM. They are trying too hard to make it look like they have been part of the process. I do like the stainless steel look but from what I can tell from the photos and video, this is the only part they have been involved in. I wouldn’t want to compete with Apple, Samsung and everyone else.
DuoScreen – How to make a small notebook computer into a massive package. What a terrible idea.
thingCHARGER – Stackable outlet USB charger. I like the concept but I don’t think I would want my phones and tables charging on the wall down near the floor. This was funded in January and they are running very late, as usual, but oddly are have started campaigning again nearly a year later … on the same project.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-16

Well, this week was a real shocker. Way more Shitstarters of note than Kickstarter. The week’s highlight was a miserable tale of pathetic mistakes and loss at the soon-to-be-defunct Kreyos, “makers” of the Kreyos Meteor. It seems wearables/watches are the worst Kickstarter projects to back.

WeIO – A cross between an Imp and an Arduino and a R-Pi. Looks like fun.
Equil Smartpen 2 – Not a new concept but clearly a very popular one.
Pawly – For pet lovers or perverts with terrible acne.
m!lTone – MIDI air synth. Cheesy but fun. A why-not kinda project.
Revocharge – One of the more impressive wireless charging platforms. Let’s see how my iPhone 6 batteries go.
Pax Instruments T400 – He should have Imped this.
Boxie – NeoPixels will rule the world!

This week’s Shitstarters range from bad videos, to bad science and to really bad cultural differences.

NEO Neurophone – So good, my step-daughter endorses it! How did they raise $100k in a day?
Atmocean – How can you take peoples money with Flexible Funding when you need $600k to get it off the ground.
Eject Bra – It’s no just for the guys. Even women need bras that fly off with the click of a button.
Lineable – This video wins the award for the scariest child AND freakiest bad-guy-in-hat-who-turns-out-to-be-a-good-guy. Some things just don’t translate well.
Pet Air – For people who think leaving animals in the car is a good solution. Why not make a child version as well?
RoVaPaste – The guy selling this doesn’t know much about his product … or acting.
Katasi Groove – This guy almost convinced a carrier to cut off data to your phone when ODB says your car has started. Briefly. I can’t think of a stupider technical solution to a non-technical problem.

As always, it’s limited only by your frigging imagination!

This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-10

It’s been a very short week but that didn’t stop Kickstarterland from producing lots of new and interesting projects. A few interesting kids projects stand out and lots of fun shitstarters to laugh at.

xWifi – Tiny open wifi model board at $10 each. Details are a bit limited.
Bttn – This finally made it to presales and nobody cares. What a pity. It’s a great idea with a stupid price tag.
Anymote – Another Bluetooth IR bridge. Logitech has been doing this for years. Personally I prefer physical buttons.
Trobo – Pretty reasonable price for a robot that teaches your kids so you can sit back and drink beer.
Mozbii – Really well thought out stylus for kids with colour picker.
Canviz – Another high definition picture frame. They are all great looking products but just too expensive.
Zambilight – Another backlight for your TV. I think the concept is sound enough but the companies pitching are sketchy looking.
Patchnride – Fixing a flat tyre has never been this easy.
Sentinel – Solar powered security. Great idea but not sure how many people would give them $1400+ dollars.
Com 1 – Android Wear smart watch. A third of the price of a Apple Watch and just as many renders.

And this week’s shitstarters ….

ORA Smart Glassed – Taking on Google is challenging. Promising the impossible is dangerous. That video is a fantasy.
Wenge – A wooden bottle opener, but you wouldn’t know it. I am embarrassed.
LEGO Chess set – The product is good, the video is shocking.
The Orb – “Your use of The Orb is limited only by your imagination”. Yep, that’s what it says. – A newsletter about kickstarter campaigns? Subscribing to a paid newsletter via a kickstarter campaign? A 1994 web design? Really?
InfraV – A health monitor watch … that has got dodgy written all over it. No video, 3D renderings, happy people on bikes, unproven technology, legal disclaimer at the bottom, using the funds to create more marketing material … do I smell a Ponzy scheme?

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-09-05

Welcome to the wonderful world of kickstarters. This week’s newsletter was delayed by an awesome trip to Vancouver. I was hoping that the extra time would allow for some good projects to sneak in. I was disappointed.

Zen Thermostat – Another Nest clone only cheaper.
Nomiku Sous Vide v2 – Another internet connected Sous Vide. This one adapts any pot and doesn’t cool.
AmbiLED HD – Turn Neopixels into a cool dynamic background for your TV. Four minutes of this is enough.
Verve 2 – A connected version of littleBits.
Hema-Imager – Thermal imaging add-on for your phone.
Proto9 Yoyo – Because Yoyo’s are back in fashion again.
SteakStones – Cook your meat on a bit of lava from Mt Vesuvius. I like the product but the presenter drives me nuts.
SpreadThat – A hot knife. What a simple solution to the butter problem. Not putting it in the fridge is an easier one.
Pocketcopter – For the high tech voyeur.

How do you follow the great success of the Coolest Cooler? … badly.

Cool n Sound – Take two of the features from the Coolest Cooler and make an ugly product out of them.
Cricket Cooler – Because cricket stumps are so hard to carry.

It seems that hiring american “actors” to present your campaign is all the rage. That doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy your products.

Chemion – Clearly a very popular campaign.
Ultra Wine Ager – I am not sure who would buy into the idea that ultrasonic waves will turn your shit wine into good wine in minutes.

And the category of “Vehicles you will never see me in” …

Johanson 3 – It’s just ugly and impractical.
Sterna – Trust me, I am a Serbian plane inspector. Because no Serbian planes have ever crashed.

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.