This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-08-27

Welcome to the wonderful world of kickstarters. A relatively slow week with one or two highlights – a HUD for the car, a fricken shark tank and a way to Flip Off your colleagues safely.

Navdy – I was just lamenting at home disappointing it is that we don’t have HUDs in our cars yet. Personally, I think this is a touch too expensive.
iRBeacon – A simple Bluetooth to IR bridge for media remote control. Pretty mundane but if the software is right, it could have a place. At least it is cheap.
Remo – Another simple Bluetooth remote, this time for DSLR cameras. How to make yourself depressed quickly.
Rollybot – A rolling camera and robot looking for a problem to solve.
FlipOff – Piss off and leave me alone! I would likely want to throw it at someone in the office.
Nanoleaf Bloom – Dimable light globe using morse code. This is a very odd concept but it obviously excites people.
CasePlug – An iPhone case with a built in USB cable. Poor guy spent 14 months on this crap.
STACK Box – Yet another home automation hum, but this time with NO industrial design.
4SeTV – Watch four TV channels at once. For sport and finance nuts.
Pet Shark – Yep, it’s a fricken pet shark! But without lasers 😦
CandyCam – High end aerial camera rig
Hoverbike – Who wouldn’t want a hoverbike?!
BugJuggler – I bet you didn’t think of this. I didn’t.
Underwater Thrust – I wouldn’t know what to do with this but it certainly looks like fun.

And as always, the Shitstarters of the week!

BlackBox – It was two minutes in before I worked out what the product was. Fail!
Lousy T-Shirt – Given all the failed Kickstarters, this is cute. But really?
Camera Lucida – This week’s shit Kickstarter video!

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

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