This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-08-19

Welcome to the wonderful world of kickstarters. Today is a big list but mostly because I have decided to include a bunch of shit products or good projects with shit videos.

LIFT – Upgrade your desk to a standing desk with great features. We should get these for the new office.
Sun Juicer – There is something beautifully low tech about this device. It’s a perfect product for sunny climates like California and Australia. True solar energy. I would buy one if they offered a free set of solar steak knives.
Slice – A nicely designed media center Pi. Bonus points for using NeoPixels.
MIOPS – Trigger a camera really quickly using sound, light, lightening, time and … friken lasers!
Perception Neuron – Motion capture for your home. It’s a slick product but I don’t really see the need.
FIXD – Another OBD-II diagnostics device and app with it’s own set of cute features like cost estimates for repairs.
elemoon – Another wrist mounted smartphone companion, this time targetted at fashion conscious women. My wife likes it, so that’s something.
Noke – Bluetooth padlock. My guess is this is a bit easier than Lockitron. A bit expensive for a lock but they have thought ot everything include morse-code for unlock without batteries.

As always there are some presentable electronics projects.

SocketCircuits – Make circuits with paper instead of breadboards. Seems like a good idea for schools.
Edison – LEGO compatible educational robotics.
MegaCube – How to make an Arduino clone that nobody wants? Get your family to make a Kickstarter video for you. Otherwise a cute project.
DPT board – Yet another Pi clone, “because young people need to be educated as young as possible”.

Some of these crapola projects are selling very well. People are obviously a little less picky than me.

ORION4Sight – “Sunglasses On Steroids – you will see things you never saw before”. “The ‘dark ops’ troops count on us to deliver – and you can too.” They supply the military but can’t afford $9000 to make a cut-down version for the rest of us?
Avo – I actually really like this self-cleaning fish tank but Susan didn’t do herself any favours with the video lecture.
WebCurfew – I can’t tell if this is a product or a bitch and moan that the ISPs are selling all-in-one wireless router cable modems? Most kids these days have smart phones anyway, so this product is already obsolete.
iGuardian – AV for your network with a 3D printed device the size of a banana. What could go wrong?
Flyshark – “Flyshark is not only a fashional wireless keyboard, it also is a self timer artifact.” [sic!] It even offers a shortcut “Fn+D” to take pictures on your smartphone. Wow! What else needs to be said?
Douchebag – Only an Australian could be stupid enough to name it Douchebag AND print Douche on the side!

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

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