This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-08-12

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kickstarter. I am back in the wonderfully warm Silicon Valley and back at work. A long list of interesting projects today but nothing I would back myself.

WiFi Drop – It’s like the Imp without the good bits.
Modbook Pro X – Pimp my Mac and call me a tablet
SeatSnoozer – Having just travelled around the world and back … it can’t hurt!
The Ice Chest – Remember the Magic Ice Orb Press video? This is less embarassing, simpler and the guy drinks Oban!
The Hug – Because drinking water is so complex it requires an app.
Docked – An iPad dock for the table. Or you could just get a life.
JackPair – For the truly paranoid, because the carriers are recording every phone call we make, lets digitally encrypt our voice. Someone should order one to play with.
Blink – Battery and Wifi security camera. Pretty cheap too. Though they are pretty early stage.
Gravity Dice – More random than your average die.
Lumin8 Pro – Music to Light. I know its just a couple of kids but it looks like fun.
The Beer Tie – Keep both hands free while keeping your beer and neck cool.
Bunch O Balloons – Blow up 100 balloons at once. Single use so pretty dear. But 20,000 backers thought it was a good idea and are willing to wait till late 2015. And with 8 kids they need all the help they can get.
Skully – Motorcycle helmet with transparent heads-up and GPS navigation. It discourages you from crashing by being too frigging expensive.
Singles – Buying something with singles to piss off the cashier is not what I would call a quality project. Why can’t these just go to school?
The Glov – Indiegogo is for serious sex toy manufacturers.
Deadeye – Your iPhone will teach you to shoot better. Wow.
AnyTracer – GPS, GSM and STM32 in 25mm x 25mm.
XiOne SDR – Software defined radio for the radio geeks among us.
LDG Lamp – Who would want this? Someone who likes Spielberg kickstarter videos.

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination.

2 thoughts on “This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-08-12

  1. Lumin8 Pro – Haha, I laughed at the description. Yeah, we are just a couple of college kids, but we work just as hard as anyone else. Also we got great support from our backers! Great article, I like this site.


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