This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-08-05

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kickstarter. This was a short week due to last week’s travels but there are some interesting projects to report … although nothing I will admit to backing.

Kepler – Like Nest for Gas Detection but without ISO certification. This one’s for Yanir.
Cmoar – Like Google Cardboard VR headset only more expensive and way less popular. They appear to have done a lot of work. A pity nobody is interested.
RocketSkates – Powered skates for people bored of regular skates. Clearly not for me even with a cute model.
Shuffle – A clever tool every drug dealer, pimp and pedophile shouldn’t be without.
Hicon – Sociel bracelet. I think this is cute but apparently I am in the minority.
TinyStic – Android to HDMI converter. Proof that Indiegogo makes no sense. This guy clearly has never created, designed or built anything in his life. But his video is slick (and sleazy) and an improvement on his previous video. “Your contributions will be used as leverage when negotiating with partners and manufacturers to create the best product for you.” Really?
Teddy Love – A dildo in a teddy bear snout. Yes, this was in the “technology” section of Indiegogo and “Teddy Love is manufactured by a Disney certified manufacturer.” I kid you not. They have the best tag-lines like “The bear that loves back” and “You’ve grown up. Now your teddy has too.”

Swinplet – This week’s shit video of the week. Also wins the worst name of the week.

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination. See you back in the Bay Area next week/

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