This week in Kickstarterland 2014-07-22

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kickstarter. Not a bad week at all. Nothing hit my shit video radar thankfully.

Coolest Cooler – Take my money now!
Jibo – I will believe it when I see it (delivery Dec 2015)
E-Vent – Slightly expensive in the end but still a good approach, with Blinkup-like tech
oPhone – Press a button and someone will stink in another city … in a year
Frebble – KS some times says no, phew.
Daymak Beast – But it’s green!
Wonderblox – Even Stui can’t sell $40 blocks.
Venque – Camera bag porn
Metal dice – DnD porn
Blerline Tracing paper – Finally a good use for paper, really?
One Fast Cat – I cried a little bit
Bistro – Cat face recognition and social media. I cried a lot.
Thrust – Sex exercises for people who clearly don’t need it
Honest Politician – Does anyone remember “None of the above”

I will be posting from chilly Melbourne next week!

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