This week in Kickstarterland – 2014-07-31

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kickstarter. I put today’s Shitstarter-of-the-week at the start. It makes for some solid bathroom reading. There are no miracle products this week but a lot of mediocre stuff.

AA Supercap – How to fail to convince the world on as many sites as possible.EEVBlog, Hackaday, Instructables
Inkcase – Replace your expensive, high resolution screen with a cheap eInk one. I can’t think of a more obscure use for the tech.
airfy Beacon – YASHAS (yet another stupid home automation system)
Nixie Tube Clock – Kickstarter wouldn’t be fun without one of these
Uniti stand – Pretty but hardly a world first
Framed – Seems like people really want wall mounted digital art
Cloud Files – Finally a cloud storage solution that works while offline.
Heisenberg Tiles – For those of us who are withdrawing from Breaking Bad, bitch.
Coolest Cooler – Just in case you missed it last time 🙂
Zcan – Wireless mouse scanner, again
Pelty – The Bluetooth Speaker Powered BY FIRE
Monolyth – Another airconditioner IR blaster controller
Ambrosia Vibe – (NSFW) Bionic strapon vibrator, fully funded, slightly scary.
McThings – BLE sensors after a successful Kickstarter
Neoji – Proof that successful PR and cheezy paid comments are not enough to sell a product when you are French

Rootz – Headset with Android inside – Winner of this week’s worst video
Ayatori – I can’t work out what this does exactly but it’s the runner up for the week’s worst video

As always, its limited only by your frigging imagination. Signing off from sunny Melbourne.

This week in Kickstarterland 2014-07-22

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kickstarter. Not a bad week at all. Nothing hit my shit video radar thankfully.

Coolest Cooler – Take my money now!
Jibo – I will believe it when I see it (delivery Dec 2015)
E-Vent – Slightly expensive in the end but still a good approach, with Blinkup-like tech
oPhone – Press a button and someone will stink in another city … in a year
Frebble – KS some times says no, phew.
Daymak Beast – But it’s green!
Wonderblox – Even Stui can’t sell $40 blocks.
Venque – Camera bag porn
Metal dice – DnD porn
Blerline Tracing paper – Finally a good use for paper, really?
One Fast Cat – I cried a little bit
Bistro – Cat face recognition and social media. I cried a lot.
Thrust – Sex exercises for people who clearly don’t need it
Honest Politician – Does anyone remember “None of the above”

I will be posting from chilly Melbourne next week!